Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | July 27, 2009

Hello world!

Here we go, all future Joyceland lovers!  This blog is inspired by Joyce, along with several others, and is dedicated to anyone who wants to have a happy, fun life.  An occasional  dose of spirituality will be included, too, of course. 

Joyceland is really all about fun.  And socializing.  Lots of socializing.  So if you’d like to let the good times roll, turn to Joyceland.  This is what Joyce thinks of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and household chores:  not so much.  She realizes these things must be done, but they must be done quickly so that one can get to the party.  When you need to serve a vegetable, always go with asparagus sliced diagonally into one inch pieces, sauteed in butter.   Simple.   Quick.  Green.  And if you must eat a vegetable,  it’s scrumptious.  Joyce prides herself on her asparagus sauteeing abilities. 

Joyce believes in packing the trunk of your car like a closet so that you’re ready for anything.  She does not favor exercise, but recognizes it as a necessary evil. 

Joyce believes the fanny pack is making a comeback in a big way.  You can keep your stuff comfortably situated around your waist so that you can easily hold a drink with one hand.  And if you’re a little chubby, the fanny pack works like shape wear. 

Joyce is a big believer in prayer.  So, let’s set the intention for this week.  It’s a good idea to tape these to your dashboard so you’ll see them each day:

  1. May you be in the right place, at the right time, performing right action.  And let’s hope this will get you to several parties.
  2. Look for the good and go about doing good.  People need a little goodness so do your best to try to cheer others up.
  3. May serendipity abound.  That way you may not have to cook all week.
  4. Try not to take anything personally.  People are going to do and say all sorts of crazy things.  What they say and do is about them, not you.  Try to cut people some slack like Joyce does.
  5. May you enjoy lots of friends who are different than you.  Joyce believes variety is the spice of life.   


  1. I LOVE it! Charming, silly and inspiring. What a great tribute to Joyce!

  2. I feel i’ve got a new perspective on what Joyce really means to me.

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