Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | July 29, 2009

In Joyceland

In Joyceland, your friends are free to come out and play all day, every day.  Linda invites you over to Club Linda to lay by the pool and eat Sara Lee brownies.  Of course, you are available.  Steph says, ‘Come out to the lake!’  and you race out there ready, willing, and able.  Nobody has to stay home and wait for the refrigerator repair person.  Nobody has to carpool kids anywhere.  No one has to make a pot roast for dinner.

And speaking of brownies, in Joyceland you receive lots of little gifts from friends.  Today:  free brownies given by a client to Linda’s hubby.  So, of course, Liv wants two cases and stops by Linda’s to pick them up.  Because she’s a believer in Joyceland, Linda is out by the pool enjoying a smoothie.  After consulting her ‘Super Smoothie Recipe Cards’ she finds a personalized smoothie recipe for several girlfriends:

Sue, Steph, and Rachel:  The Hydro-Tonic Smoothie—a bit before exercise will keep their bodies going for a tough workout–diced honeydew, 1 lemon-lime gatorade, frozen green grapes and a pinch of salt.  (We like this recipe, although in Joyceland we say ‘more smoothie’ and ‘less workout’.

Sheila O:  The Honeymooner’s Tonic–this is good for infections you might get ‘down there’ ‘cuz you wear underwear to bed and don’t let the va-jay jay air out at night—cranberry juice, fresh blueberries, frozen banana, strawberry sorbet.

Moi:  The Cold Flash–this provides an estrogen boost for pre-menopausal women who have been enjoying their own personal tropical vacations–dried apricots, soft silken tofu, vanilla soy milk, sliced peaches, and peach sorbet.

Olivia:  The Cholesterol Cleaner–inspired by sangria, this one is based on research that moderate alcohol consumption may play a role in a heart- healthy diet—red wine, frozen apple juice concentrate, frozen pitted cherries, frozen unsweetened black berries.

And for Joyce:  Smooth, Smooth Smoothie:  this one is just a really thick milkshake, plain and simple. 

See you at the Smoothie Party at Club Linda’s.  Don’t be late.



  1. Familiar w/ all of the ‘smoothie girls’ and y r dead on. (Should I use text speak in blogs)? I will definitely try several….not the exercise one tho. This is my maiden blog voyage….a virgin so to speak and I am starting to feel tingley so off to the Third Ward for a few items.

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