Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | July 30, 2009


There are days, even in Joyceland, when you have to sit home all day long waiting for the repair person.  Boring!!  So what’s a girl to do while she’s doing all that waiting?  Host a ‘Semi-Cleaning Party’ which includes friends and fun, plus your house gets semi-cleaned.  Sandra Lee has ‘Semi-Homemade’ for cooking; Joyceland has ‘Semi-Cleaning’ for chores.   

 How do you make this get little get together irresistible?  The Slipper Genie, as seen in O Magazine, is an affordable $5.99 from Wal-mart.  You buy a pair for each of your guests and . . . BINGO . . . while everyone is shooting the breeze and mingling . . . . your floors begin to sparkle!

<font color=blue><b>As seen in "O" Magazine!</b></font><br>Dust your floors by simply walking across them!

Here’s what Joyceland loves about the Slipper Genie:

  • Woven cotton uppers and footbed (soft as a baby’s butt!)
  • Slip-on styling  (you don’t even have to bend over to put them on!)
  • Open toe (shows off your pedicure!)
  • Soft chenille microfiber sole (detachable for washing!)
  • What do the critics have to say? 

    Ronnie from Tamarac, FL
    “Oh my goodness! It’s a wonderful idea and it actually works. My house has never been so clean and I’ve never had such fun at a party!  After the floors were cleaned, we even kept our Slipper Genies on when we played Twister!”

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