Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | July 31, 2009

Practice These!

So often when you’re lollygagging and enjoying time with friends, you’ll eventually hear comments like these which can really ruin the party:

  • “Gotta get going!  The Walgreens is calling my name!”
  • “What time is it?  OMG!  Got to get little Timmy to the dentist to have his fourteenth cavity filled.”
  • “I can’t get together.  I have an appointment.”
  • “Gotta run—-I’ve got piles to go through at home.”
  • “Can’t stay—the toilet seats are growing fur—gotta get home to clean them.”

Joyceland friends,  this type of talk is completely unacceptable.  Talk about a downer . . . let’s analyze . . . shall we?

  • The Walgreens is calling your name?  Have them deliver.  Problem solved.
  • Fourteen cavities?  Why bother taking the kid in—he’s beyond help anyway.
  • Ah, yes, the mysterious appointment.  Too mysterious to be counted as a real excuse.
  • Piles of what?  Throw them in the garbage and stay at the party.
  • Furry toilet seats?  Joyceland likes you even better.

From now on you are to practice the following responses every day in order to increase your quota of fun, frivolity, and friend time:

  • “Of course I can stay.  Do you have a pair of comfortable jammies and a pillow?”
  • “I’ve got nothing but time.  I was planning on serving popcorn for dinner—no need to make a grocery run!”
  • “Of course I’ll hang out with you.  Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht can wait!  My DVR makes me social with a capital S!”

What responses will help you stay in Joyceland?



  1. I apologize to anyone whose comments were inadvertently deleted from the first two posts. I think I’m getting the hang of things now.

  2. Just checking in. Not sure how it all works. All I know is some of those hairdos (can you say perm) look familiar.

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