Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 1, 2009

Hairdo a Go-Go

Every woman needs a change now and then, especially when you aspire to living a super fun life.  In Joyceland, serendipity  and spontaneity rule!  Wigs are the rage!  Pearls are glorious!  Big hair IS better!  Change your mood, change your look . . . and . . . you can have a different personality every day!!  Think of all the fabulous friends you can make each time you venture out as a brand new you.  It’s called ‘Hairdo a Go-Go’ and you can see your favorite stylist for details.  Mention Joyceland and receive a 3% discount!

If you are trying to live within a budget (and who isn’t these days!) check out    Our dear Joyceland BFF and fan, Joan, has loaned us her image in the spirit of all things Joyce.  Thank you, Joan–you’re the bomb!  Think of all the fun Joan can have e-mailing friends or hosting a ‘Hairdo a Go-Go’ party.

Within minutes Joan can go from politely conservative to peace loving to I miss Farrah!  Or check this one out:

Honey, the perm is BACK!!!  Are you kidding me??  So, which look should Joan try out at the office on Monday?



  1. I’ve always been a fan of big Nails and big Hair, so the last pic is the best. Either one makes a woman look and feel SMALLER. Combine either one with a tan and no one ever needs to worry again about diet and excercise! And THAT is the ulitmate goal.

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