Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 2, 2009

And On the Seventh Day She Rested

Ladies, after a gloriously busy week filled with all of our favorite people and parties, today we observe a day of lounging.  Luxurious lounging.  Joyceland friend and author, Victoria Moran, also known as the Charmed Life Lady encourages that before you set your feet out of bed each morning, you count your favorite ten blessings.  In Joyceland, we LOVE to sleep and we love our beds.  In fact, we hope that your bed is your favorite piece of furniture.  Some mornings your ten blessings may be entirely focused on your bed . . . and that’s o-k-a-y . . . I’m so thankful for my bed; I’m so happy I get to sleep in this bed; My sheets are so soft; I adore my six pillows; I just love to relax under these covers.  In Joyceland, the more you like your bed, the more we like you!   

Loungewear plays an important role in helping you achieve relaxation on this day.  Joyce enjoys wearing a ‘black mini house dress’, but you may prefer something like this:


It’s comfortable, breathable, and sends a subliminal message of wild and reckless abandon–which suits Joyceland girls to a T.

Since it’s summer, we now commence to the backyard.  In order to be most comfortable for our day of lounging, we find a Joyceland friend to help us carry a couch outside.  This creates an outdoor family room for the day.  It is here where we can sit or lay, enjoy nature, consider which hairdo a go-go we might try this week, read our magazines, nurse our Spanx injuries, and visit with our pets.  Joyceland friend, Patty, has an outdoor cabana for her shih tzu complete with a fan for cooling him off on warm days.  This is lounging at its finest.    

So enjoy your day, Joyceland friends and let us know what your lounging tips are!  Take time to smell the roses because it’s back to lots of playtime this coming week.


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