Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 5, 2009

National Underwear Day

(Part 2 of our ‘Person of Intrigue’ Interview will appear tomorrow because we’ve been interrupted by panties.)

A little trivia for you—-did you know today is National Underwear Day?  August 5th!  Yipeee!  Time for a party!  And you thought today was going to be just another ordinary day!  Not in Joyceland!!  For many years NUD had been celebrated with a live, star studded fashion show complete with give-a-ways in New York City.  Of course Joyce had attended with front row seats for many years.  Unfortunately, a bad economy has taken the Underwear Day fashion show with it.  But those of us living in Joyceland can still celebrate!  Long live underwear!

Calvin Klein 365 Fashion Cotton Stretch Boyfriend Short

Today’s rules: 

1.  put on your favorite pair of underwear—in Joyceland we love what you love—so they can be sexy, boring, brief, smart, or your granny’s.  They can even be ripped.  It’s all o-k-a-y.

2.  wish everyone you meet all day long ‘Happy National Underwear Day’.  This is a GREAT conversation starter.

3.  stop at Victoria’s Secret if you must.  In Joyceland we feel that Victoria’s Secret underwear fits most girls under the age of 9 and leaves the rest of us out in the cold, but you do feel a little pretty when you look around the store even if nothing fits.

Here is a place to visit to win prizes and like that.  Good Luck, girls!  May a Joyceland lady win big today: 

And if you’re in the mood for a little game–and who isn’t—go ahead and see if you can match the underwear:

Most of all—-have FUN!  It’s all about you and your underwear today!



  1. I’m not sure “ripped” does justice to my oldest and most comfortable pair…

    • Sorry about the delayed reply. How ’bout ‘gently and affectionately torn’?

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