Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 5, 2009

People of Intrigue Series

As part of our ‘Intriguing People’ series and in honor of Joyce’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration, we offer a Q & A with our inspiration, Joyce.

Q:  Joyce, what is your secret to a long marriage?     A:  Should you decide to marry, make sure the wedding takes place on the 4th of July.  This is my most important piece of advice.  The fourth of July is THE perfect day for a wedding because throughout your life there will be many parties to attend in your honor, parades where you can serve as Grand Marshall, and lots of fireworks.  The fireworks are the real secret to creating a long and happy marriage.

Q:  What is your philosophy on cooking and cleaning?     A:  Do what must be done to keep your house running, but do not give your body and soul over to cooking and cleaning or through the years you will lose most of your fabulousness.   

Q:  What is your favorite piece of advice for living?     A:  Break an occasional rule now and then.  I’ve always felt that some rules were made to be broken.

Q:  Joyce, tell us what it was like to be Homecoming Queen?     A:  Well, I didn’t like the boy who was king at all.  But being Homecoming Queen really set me up for all my Joyceland experiences.  My advice is this:  even if you weren’t the Homecoming Queen, tell everyone you were.  This little tip alone will gain you many friends through the years.

Q:  Tell us about one of your most  important honors.     A:  I was an Alice in Dairyland Princess.  This was a grueling pageant and forever cemented my place in American pageant history.


Q:  What do you do if you don’t have a party to attend on a certain day?     A:  Well, I just get in my car and drive around until I find a party.  I’ve made many wonderful friends by taking this approach.

Q:  Please share one beauty secret.     A:  I’ve never questioned the power of lipstick.

Q:  Who provided you with inspiration early in life?     A:  Nancy Drew.  She was gorgeous, her dad had money, she had a housekeeper, a cute boyfriend, and two BFFs.  Life was always good for Nancy and I learned a lot from her.

Part 2–People of Intrigue–continued tomorrow.  Joyceland friends are welcome to submit any questions you may have for Joyce.


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