Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 6, 2009

Part 2–Person of Intrigue

Today’s feature is Part 2 of our interview with Joyce, Person of Intrique.  Thanks to all Joyceland fans for sending in such important and timely questions!!

Q:  Tell us about your career.     A:  Well, I am a strong supporter of selling fine jewelry.  Who can ever have enough jewelry?  And the longer you sell it, the more finer a jewel you become yourself.

Q:   Do you ever feel blue?  What do you tell yourself?     A:  I tell myself: ‘This too shall pass’ and then I put on my party dress.

Q:  Joyce, where do you find the energy to keep up with your social schedule?     A:  I find that the Super B vitamin is marvelous—it’s helped me for many a decade.

Q:  Favorite perfume?     A:  Tabu.  It adds mystique and is available everywhere.

Q:  Signature earring?     A:  The hoop.  It’s impossible not to have fun when wearing hoops.  And they swing when you turn your head quickly to say hello to a friend.

Q:  Do you read People magazine?     A:  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.  If I can’t get a hold of a friend on the phone—there’s always People magazine.

Q:  Does one have to launder their bed sheets every Saturday?     A:  Only if you want to lose some of your fabulousness.  Saturdays are for play time.

Q:  Why do you think women want to escape to Joyceland?     A:  Today’s women understand that achievement is overrated and so is homemaking.  What matters in life is fun, laughter, and socializing.

Thank you, Joyce, for sharing your thought provoking message with all Joyceland ladies.  We are better women for having read this interview.


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