Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 8, 2009

The Case for Food Face

In Joyceland, meals are best when kept simple.  No fussing is necessary, unless you really, really want to.  If you’re into Martha Stewart, more power to you.  You, go, girl!  What time are you serving dinner and when shall we be over?  In Joyceland, the more Martha Stewart type friends who will invite us over, the better!

 And not that there’s anything wrong with Martha, but true Joycers prefer the Barefoot Contessa    First of all, she’s barefoot.  Since we don’t like to do laundry, we like the idea of bare feet—–all the time.  Second of all, she’s a contessa.  This means countess in Italian.  Pretending that you’re a countess in the kitchen while wearing a cute robe and crown?  Who doesn’t find that exciting? 

The Barefoot Contessa tells you what brand to buy, exactly how long to cook things, AND she includes a pretty picture so you can make yours look just like hers.  She encourages food assembly–meaning you should put on your party shoes, go to the gourmet store, and buy the best nuts, cheeses, fruit, and pound cake . . . . and arrange it nicely on a gorgeous platter.  It’s like magic!  Thank God for this woman!   

We have to confess, though, that even being a countess who is barefoot in the kitchen can be hard on a girl.  And you can only make so many interesting egg salad sandwiches, grilled cheeses, and tacos.  That’s why mealtimes are so much easier with the Food Face Plate (popdeluxe):

Food Face Plate!  As seen in Parents Magazine!-Preorder Now, Ships 8/20

The food face plate makes even the most boring meal a wild and crazy time!  Toss out a veg, a little fruit, a protein, a starch and EVERYONE–including the dog and cat–can have a grand old time at dinner.  You can serve the same boring meal night after night and no one notices because they are busy creating art.  Throw in a contest like ‘Whose face is most like a gangster?’ and nobody cares what they are eating.  These plates work great at dinner parties, too, by adding your favorite cocktail to the menu!    So, go easy on yourself today and every day this week and have a little food face fun.  Your Joyceland friends will love you for it.


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