Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 10, 2009

Spa-ing and Tilt-a-Whirling

We’re just back from a Joyceland celebration weekend and WE ARE exhausted.  Loungewear is calling our name!!!  We were celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Joyce and Bob and a good time was had by all.  We relaxed by the lake, enjoyed dinners out, played Sequence with all the children, drank martinis and wine, let the children run wild, drank more martinis and wine, watched the children run up and down the hotel halls, drank more martinis and wine, hit the spa, golfed, and visited that delicious celebration:  the Kiel Fireman’s Picnic.

Let’s cover  two Joyceland highlights:  the spa and the Fireman’s picnic.  First, who can resist the spa?  Such soothing music plays in the background, the lights are dimmed, you’re wearing a robe, the slippers slide so easily on and off.  After the four women in our group received our spa treatments, it was off to the outdoor jacuzzi.  The jacuzzi was protected by a fence so while the children and husbands could see us, no one could enter our domain.  This was very important!  We lounged in the jacuzzi for hours despite the many times the children and husbands ran up to the fence to ask when we’d be finished.  Sometimes they shouted to us from the fourth floor balcony.  But we never answered them . . . we just smiled, waved, and asked who wanted to see our synchronized swimming show.  And then we lined up in a row, half submerged, and raised our right legs slowly straight in the air and lowered them–in unison of course.  Depending on how creative we felt, we included the left leg, too.  We were more than fabulous.  And it went on like that for hours.  Is that just like Joyce or what?  Next time we’ll add in the arms:

At the Fireman’s Picnic on a moonlit Saturday night, the children wanted to ride all the rides:  the tilt-a-whirl, the octopus, the scrambler, the merry-go-round.  More martinis and wine for the adults—how else do you survive?  As we were watching the carnival workers load the kids onto the rides, we played a little game called ‘That Carny is Sexy in a _______ kind of Way”!  Some examples included:  that carny is sexy in a ‘deliverance’ kind of way, that carny is sexy in an adam sandler kind of way, that carny is sexy in a ‘how ’bout a shower kind of way.  You get the idea.  Anyway, it was all in a spirit of fun and we enjoyed many laughs while watching the rugrats spin, whirl, and go upside down.  Try it the next time you’re at the fair or the parish festival.  You’ll like it in a Joyceland kind of way.


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