Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 13, 2009

Happy Memories and We’ll Miss You Eunice Shriver!

Gorgeous Joyceland friends–take a moment to watch this 42 second video:

Now read the following in your BEST BRITISH ACCENT.  Here’s what made us happy in Joyceland in the last 24 hours:

  1. attending two parties in one day
  2. floating on water
  3. chasing that damn squirrel away from the bird feeder!!
  4. Italian nachos
  5. the seven year old was at camp from 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (jackpot!)
  6. eating a ‘Hello Dolly’ bar while singing ‘Hello Dolly’
  7. getting this Joyceland Girls’ Weekend Party idea:  (1) everybody reads The Girls from Ames by Jeff Zaslow ( so that you can dish about it with a cocktail,   (2) everyone brings a bracelet for a ‘bracelet take away’ extravaganza, (3) everyone brings their favorite beauty tip–and if you want extra fun a demonstration is required, (4) play the game:  tell us about something you’ve done in your life that no one else knows about
  8. trying Medi-Herb Natural Valerian Complex and sleeping like a baby
  9. no cooking or cleaning to speak of although we did make the semi-famous ‘cabbage slaw salad’ which is beloved by commoners and hated by gourmets
  10. avoided unloading the dishwasher for 24 hours

So, tell us what’s on your list–in your best British accent, of course . . . . . click on ‘leave a response’ above!

And before we close, today we mourn the loss of one fabulous lady, Eunice Shriver.  Eunice was a true pioneer in helping to improve the lives of those with intellectual disabilities.  In Joyceland we love her and all things Kennedy.  So, in Eunice’s honor, let’s put on some pearls, play a quick game of touch football, and say a prayer for those with developmental challenges.


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