Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 14, 2009

Bye-Bye Baby Bird, Eunice Shriver, and Dairy Queen

Today we’re feeling all sorts of feelings.  What will help us work through the combination of happy and sad AND warn others of emotions run wild?

Mood Alert Pad

Our Knock Knock Mood Alert pad!  A dear Joyceland friend’s only daughter is headed off for the first time to college tomorrow and that brings up all sorts of feelings for Sheila:  happy, sad, verklempt, excited, some-days-I-want-to-kill-her, oh-my-God-I-can’t-believe-she’s-leaving, and what-the-hell-will-we-do-without-her.

A kid leaving for college is just like the baby bird situation we dealt with in Joyceland this spring.  Our ‘bea-u-ti-ful-let-me-just-stand-here-and-look-at it’ front door decoration was unexpectedly bursting with a nest and eggs ready to hatch.  What were we to do?  The babies were born quickly and were driving us out of our minds!!  Poop, poop, and more poop was the only thing they did.  We wanted them to fly away and told them so every damn day.  But they didn’t listen, instead they’d turn their back on us and poop some more.  The mountain of poop continued to grow for weeks and . . . then . . . suddenly . . . one day . . . they were gone.  They’d flown the coop of poop.  We were verklempt!  They’d driven us crazy, but we loved them just the same.  How would they survive all alone in this crazy world of storms, intense heat, and blizzards? 

What’s a mother to do?  Just like with all that baby bird poop, the kids will drive you crazy on most days–and then–poof–they up and leave you.  And there you are–left all alone sitting with your poop filled, yet otherwise empty front door decoration.  Fortunately for Sheila, she went and got herself a pretty dog a few months ago–a dog who looks so much like Sheila that we think she gave birth to her.  The pooch will help Sheila through this transition—along with her closet of Joyceland costumes she likes to wear around the house.  More on that another day.

And because Joyceland loves all things Kennedy, we have to stay with Eunice Shriver for a little while longer as our prayers light her way to heaven.  Eunice wasn’t married to Tom, Dick, or Harry.  She was married to ‘Sargent’.  Joyceland loves a husband with the name Sarge.  Sarge once said, “Eunice wasn’t the sort of girl you could sweep off her feet.”  We like the fact that Sarge had his work cut out for him in earning Eunice’s affections.  We give this four out of four stars.

In Joyceland, we adore a huge serving of ice cream on a hot summer day.  The bigger, the better.  Seconds are good, too.  If you buy a Blizzard at your local Dairy Queen today, they’ll donate $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network hospital in your area.  CMN wasn’t Eunice’s specific cause, but they raise awareness of children’s health issues, something she wholeheartedly believed in.  So how about a Blizzard for dinner tonight?  A little protein and dessert all in one cup.  How easy is that?

And here’s to Sheila–take one of the costumes along this weekend–it will help. 



  1. How does 18 years just up and walk away? After all this baby birds shenanigans this summer, she better fly like the wind. I’ve aged 10 years, I used to be pretty. If there wasn’t such a thing as college, I’d be rocking myself in a corner wearing a bright pastel gown from the 60’s.

    Why do I feel better while wearing my canary yellow toile hat. I just do.

    Goodbye Eunice, you were a great gal!

    • Let’s have a picture of you in the canary yellow hat. Our Joyceland friends would love it.

  2. Very very interesting post..I like this one. gotta bookmark this one.

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