Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 16, 2009

From the ‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time’ Series

It’s always an adventure to visit the Expo Center at the Wisconsin State Fair, but they need a sign on the door that reads:  EAYOR (Enter at Your Own Risk). 

Honestly, you’re just looking for a little air-conditioning and entertainment and suddenly you’re walking out with bags of stuff that you’ll never use again.  It’s a total shopper’s guilty pleasure.  Well, we entered the Expo and were really sucked in this time.  And it’s all Lucy’s fault.  Our Joyceland friend, Lucy, mentioned that she’d watched the Vita-Mix demonstration for at least an hour on Thursday and tasted everything they made.  We thought, “This sounds so very Joyce, let’s pop over to see what the fuss is about.”  Even seven year old Bulldog loved every minute.  He stood right at the counter like a puppy and slurped up everything that Nate, the pitchman, could produce.  Yes, we stayed so long that we became BFF’s with Nate.  And we have his e-mail address for future recipe advice.

We ate more vegetables and fruit in one hour with Nate than we have all summer.  And the beauty of this is that we can now justify having onion rings for breakfast, as long as we follow up with a power smoothie later in the day.  Nate said it’s okay to do that.

It was amazing–Nate would throw into the Vita-Mix blender a banana, an orange, a bunch of spinach, some asparagus, a half cup of 100% fruit juice, a few carrots, some cabbage . . . and TA-DA:  within minutes we were licking our chops and asking for more.  Nate made . . . healthy . . . look . . . so . . . easy.  No muss.  Absolutely no fuss.  So very Joyce. 

Pouring a Green Smoothie by tiffanywashko.

We know it doesn’t look pretty, but it tasted great.  Spike decided we should buy the Vita-Mix Blender.  Clearly the man is desperate since there hasn’t been much happening in the kitchen at our house all summer.  We even learned about an online Vita-Village that we can join where we can share our Vita-Mix affections with others.  We’ll keep you posted on how it all goes . . .

We made one other purchase in the Expo Center which was an ornamental yard stake.  It stands about four feet tall and is bejeweled with some really nice bling and topped off with a fluer-de-lis.  We stuck it into the ground near the patio for now.  It will make a great scepter when that royal feeling hits us as it always does. 

View Image 

JoyceMentoring Applications

We’re currently taking your JoyceMentoring applications.  In order to be matched up with a mentor, please send in the following:

  • your favorite nickname
  • one thing you’ve done in the past to avoid cleaning or cooking
  • a picture of yourself in your favorite party dress

Sunday For Your Spirit

Today’s tip is #18 from Richard Carlson’s Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:  allow yourself to be a little bored today.  Because people’s lives are so busy, it seems impossible sometimes to do nothing.  If you allow yourself to be a little bored today, those feelings will be  replaced with a bit of quiet and peace.  So . . . put on your tiara and grab your scepter, sit still, look out the window, take a deep breath, and take a moment . . . for yourself.         




  1. I am so very envious of your Fair purchase… perhaps you can mentor me with your Vita mix??? How were the Fabulous Follies this evening? I’m expecting a review tomorrow!

    • Did you buy the Vita-Mix, too?

  2. Don’t want to burst your bubble but I worked the Vita-Mix booth when I was a wee lass. My job was to add as much sugar as would dissolve in the juice in the back room. Hope you don’t feel duped. It is a good blender though. Worked 10 hours a day, every day and got $300 cash at the end. I thought I was rich, rich, rich. I think I spent it on clothes.

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