Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 17, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays . . .

. . . always get us down.  According to our calculations, if you have children who are ages 5-17 you are at T minus one, two, or three weeks and counting . . . until school starts.  Is there anyone out there who isn’t being driven completely crazy by now?  If you can answer no to that question it means you opted for a four legged family or the kids have left home.  Well, you’re not getting any sympathy here–we’re over the baby bird metaphor (see 8/14 post ‘Bye-Bye Baby Bird’) .  We remember enjoying summer–until we became parents.  What are your strategies for surviving the next few weeks?  Pul-lease!!  P-G-S-O-S (Please God Save Our Souls)!!  Mayday, Mayday (translation: ‘HELP ME’)!!  Damsel in distress sighting in Joyceland!  If you aren’t careful, motherhood can take you out of Joyceland real quick.  All we did yesterday was play Mommy Lotto (

Mommy Lotto: Over 100 Scratch-and-Win Lottery Tickets for One Lucky Mom 

while eating Slim Jims and wearing our tiara.   Bulldog asked, “Why are you always wearing that crown?”  What a silly, foolish, childish question.  And he cried when he lost game after game.  Didn’t he see that the box says ‘Mommy always wins’?

We’ve got to change our luck today.  For that we turn to one of our favorite books to daydream by: The Luck Factor.  Staying in Joyceland for the majority of each day requires a little bit of good luck ju-ju and some help from the Good Idea Fairy.  Here are Dr. Richard Wiseman’s four hottest tips for maintaining your good fortune:

1.  Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.  (Does this include when MIL (Mom-in-law) calls at noon to say, ‘Can Bulldog come over?’  We respond with a RESOUNDING, ‘Yes, Bulldog is free for the next two weeks.  We’ll bring him over with his suitcase right away!’)

2.  Lucky people make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings.  (Does this include sitting in MIL’s front yard holding a sign that says ‘Kid will Work for Pennies’ and hoping that MIL will look out the window and invite him to stay?)

3.  Lucky people’s expectations about the future help them fulfill their dreams and ambitions.  (Does this include playing Mommy Lotto by yourself sometimes so you win ALL the good prizes?)

4.  Lucky people are able to transform their bad luck into good fortune.  (Does this mean we organize a ‘Bitch and Swap’ (from The Swell Dressed Party) with our friends while Bulldog is at MIL’s house?  YES!!  This is a party where you semi-clean your closet, bring your stuff to the party, and everyone gets to pick a new look to take home.  Plus, you do get to bitch a little, too, which is always nice.

Okay, we’re feeling LUCKY now!  But what are your ideas for surviving these final summer vacation days???


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