Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 18, 2009

The Sleepwear That Goes Everywhere!

Micky D’s???  We hardly knew ye!!!

The McDonald’s nearby was recently renovated and who knew it would become such a swanky place!  Yes, swanky!  We were there today and almost didn’t want to leave.  All of the booths are enclosed in circular shapes, there is a gorgeous tile floor, FIREPLACE, plasma television, and sitting area where you can ‘drink in the flavors of McCafe’.  We were positively shocked by the ambiance and possibilities.  Who knew that McDonald’s could become a place to meet a couple of Joyceland friends for a little chatter and a couple of laughs?  Pssst—did you know they use whole milk in their hot chocolate?  It’s simply sinful and so very Joyce. 

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JoyceMentor Application

We received an interesting and desperate request for a mentor from Lolly of Oklahoma.  It seems that Lolly focuses intensely on just three things in life:

  • work
  • prayer
  • and standards of cleanliness.

Joyceland loves prayer and recommends the practice, but feels that Lolly can definitely be helped in the other two areas.  We’d love to match Lolly with Olivia, who happens to be a Joyceland Pro with a capitol P.  Olivia’s first tip for getting Lolly’s day started on the right foot is to recommend that Lolly invest in some sleepwear that doubles as ‘chic casual’ work attire.  Olivia is a firm believer that if you have to be dressed and out of the house before 9 a.m. you should wear to bed whatever you’re going to wear the next day.  This saves so much time and hassle getting out of the house.  In summer, we recommend the sleepwear by Simply Vera Vera Wang.  Roll out of bed in Vera’s sleepwear and you’re out the door in minutes.  How about some pearls and black flats with this little number:

Simply Vera Vera Wang Floral Sleepshirt

Or how about silver jewelry and strappy sandals with this one:

Simply Vera Vera Wang Floral Ruffled Chemise     

This nightie could be very cute with a little cardigan:

Simply Vera Vera Wang Striped Chemise

You can trust Olivia:  your co-workers and friends will NEVER know you are wearing your pajamas!  They’ll think you are fabulous and trendy and so very Joyce.  (Just don’t forget to brush your teeth before leaving the house!)

‘Joyce For Thought’ Tip

Recently Joyce was complimented by an Audrey Hepburn type who said that Joyce ‘always’ looks so nice at parties.  She also complimented Joyce on her dance moves.  This got us thinking about compliments and how we love them.  We simply adore compliments.  The lesson here is that you don’t receive compliments by staying home and changing the bed sheets.  You’ve got to get yourself ‘out there’ so that you have a chance for a few kind words to be passed your way.  So get out there!  No one will know you’re wearing your pajamas.  Really.  Ask Olivia.



  1. For Lolly of Oklahoma, on standards of cleanliness. A few tips from Jukey (mother of 5 and old friend of Joyce), bestowed upon me years ago that still ring true today. No time to wash large pots and pans before guests arrive? Hide them in the oven. The oven provides a large storage area that easily conceals a huge load. It’s always a little dirty (does anyone really clean the oven regularly) and nobody looks in the oven when visiting. Just remember to empty your hiding space before preheating it the next time you cook . . . Do your hair and make-up or vacuum the house before friends arrive? You can do both. Don’t vacuum the ENTIRE house; just hit the major traffic areas. Gives the impression of a clean room, especially if cocktails are being served. Save the rest for later, like when your in-laws come for a visit. Remember, like many things in life, it’s all about impression. First impressions are the most important . . . perception is reality . . . yada, yada, yada.

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