Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 20, 2009

All Dressed Up and No Place To Go?

It’s always disappointing when your fun plans are cancelled by the weather.  It’s a real downer when you had hoped for a Joyceland activity and . . . now . . . what . . . are you left with?  Given this unfortunate turn of events we had to take a moment to collect ourselves this morning.  We paused, put on our favorite wig,

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sat down Indian style, lit a candle, and meditated for a few moments to clear our thinking.  As part of our meditation to set the intention for better things to come, we checked the mailbag.  Here is what some of you fabulous Joyceland gals have commented on:

  • Joan referenced ‘Hairdo a Go-Go’ (8/1 post):  I’ve always been a fan of big nails and big hair.  Either one makes a woman look and feel SMALLER. Combine either with a tan and no one ever needs to worry again about diet and excercise! And THAT is the ulitmate goal. (Joan–we definitely think alike!  The tips you’ve shared here are like a double dip cone on a hot summer day!) 
  • Victoria reacted to ‘S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night’ (8/1 post):  I’d like to share a little scoop with you ladies. I was shopping the other day at Forever 21 (because you’re as young as you feel in Joyceland) and I found the most adorable ring for $4.00! You can never have enough jewelry, as Joyce always says. Check it out and thank me later.  (Victoria–we headed to Forever 21 the minute we read your inspiring suggestion.  We spent 2 1/2 days there.)
  • Amy also reacted to ‘S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night’:  The thing with Spanx is that the fat has got to come out somewhere else. For example, while a slim tummy and slender hips is FAB, the 2 rows of boobs is not!  (Amy–we completely agree that two rows of boobs is not desirable–two BIGGER boobs would be great, but not four semi-little ones!  Spanx be banned from Joyceland!!) 
  • Davis commented on ‘National Underwear Day’ (8/5 post):  I’m not sure “ripped” does justice to my oldest and most comfortable pair . . .  (Gentle reader–we apologize for using such vulgar terminology when referring to our favorite panties!  Can we be BFF’s again?)
  • Worried In Seattle replied to ‘Let Her Eat Cake’ (8/4 post):  Do people know my real name?  I . . . I mean I don’t want anyone to know exactly how susceptible I am to orgasms while eating cake. It could start nasty rumors and I . . . I’m a church member at SJV.  (Dear Worried In Seattle–Joycelanders want to know who you are because we want to have what you’re having.)
  • Sheila responded to our ‘About Me’ bio:  Just bought the most adorable Vera Bradley suitcase.  I’ve packed it with all my favorite things.  Coffee,vodka and Q-tips.  I’d like to leave for Joyceland today if possible.  Does Joyceland take dogs?  (Sheila–we accept and love all pets as long as you pick up their poo-poo.  Pets take us a little closer to heaven on earth, unless you leave their poo-poo lay around.  And be careful with the Q-tips.  And the vodka.)
  • We had a point/counterpoint related to ‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time’ (8/16 post):  From Lucy:  I am so very envious of your State Fair purchase . . . perhaps you can mentor me with your Vita-Mix???  (Lucy–you are invited to our first Joyceland Vita-Mix party!)  And from Victoria:  Don’t want to burst your bubble, but I worked the Vita-Mix booth when I was a wee lass. My job was to add as much sugar as would dissolve in the juice in the back room. Hope you don’t feel duped. It is a good blender though.  (Victoria–we hope to prove you wrong and throw many screaming Joyceland parties with our new purchase.  Spinach Sangria—are you IN?)
  • And finally, from Jukey via JB in response to ‘The Sleepwear That Goes Everywhere’ (8/18 post):  In regard to standards of cleanliness . . . a few tips from Jukey (mother of 5 and old friend of Joyce):  No time to wash large pots and pans before guests arrive . . . hide them in the oven . . . the oven provides a large storage area that easily conceals a huge load . . . t’s always a little dirty (does anyone really clean the oven regularly) and nobody looks in the oven when visiting . . . just remember to empty your hiding space before pre-heating it the next time you cook!  Fix your hair and make-up OR vacuum the house before friends arrive . . . you can’t do both . . . don’t vacuum the ENTIRE house;  just hit the major traffic areas . . . it gives the impression of a clean room, especially if cocktails are being served.  Remember, like many things in life, it’s all about impression.  (Jukey, Mother of Five–thank you, thank you, and thank you.  You are a true Joycelander, one of our Founding Mothers.  We bow to you and hold you in highest esteem.) 

Even though our plans were dashed by the weather today, we’re feeling so delighted by our meditation mailbag practice.  Keep your comments coming because we LOVE getting mail in Joyceland.


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