Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 21, 2009

Dryers, Gigi, and Cuban Cigars

This Just In

We’ve heard of a terrific candidate for Man Camp.  And he’s going to have so much fun!  He’s tall, handsome, yet in need of enlightenment.  The Suffrage Movement hasn’t done much for him . . .


 . . . but Man Camp will help!  Joyceland friend, Miki, noticed it was starting to rain so she suggested to John that he gather the beach towels from the backyard and put them in the dryer.  He replied, “Which one is the dryer?”  Let us have a moment of silence for John.  When another friend heard that John couldn’t identify the dryer he commented, “I envy him his laundrylessness.”   So do all Joycelanders!  Miki–take heart–Man Camp will train him so that you never have to use the dryer again.  The dryer can become John’s domain.  Trust us on this one.

How to Achieve Total Bliss

Stillpoint Sherrie writes:  “I am a complete devotee of Joyceland and I’d like to share the Joyceland joy of going to have your nails done at Gigi!  There is a look of bliss on the face of every woman in the salon–it’s so very Joyce.  They have a dizzying array of color choices, they call you, ‘Hon’, you don’t have to talk during the service, and you can get a mani/pedi for $40.  They even fix mishaps (broken nails) with that dangerous “bonding” material banned by the FDA–very effective however.  Whenever I go to Gigi, I tell the family I’m “going on a few errands”. I believe this  approach would meet with Joyce’s approval.  If only we could combine a trip to Gigi with a slice of red velvet cake!”  (Stillpoint Sherrie–we are completely mesmerized by your thoughts and need to take a moment to collect ourselves.  Pause.  Excited sigh.  Okay, now we’re ready.  First of all, we love the idea of going to a place called ‘Gigi’.  And we can picture in our mind’s eye the look of bliss on the face of every woman and it gives us great pleasure.  Gigi’s use of the ‘dangerous’ bonding material puts a new twist on the mani/pedi–it turns the experience into an exciting ‘Let’s break the rules’ adventure.  We certainly hope you’re running this type of errand every week.  Pack a red velvet cupcake in your purse next time in order to maximize the Joyce effect. 

And One More for Eunice

Did you get to see Maria Shriver’s eulogy for her mummy, Eunice?  The entire tribute ran thirteen minutes on YouTube and we savored every glorious Kennedy moment.  Eunice exemplified the Joyceland dream of doing it ‘your way on your own terms’.  She wore men’s pants, smoked Cuban cigars, told her kids they didn’t have to fit anyone’s sterotype, she was scary smart and not afraid to show it, and she wore a cashmere sweater with reminder notes pinned all over it.  We also love that when her kids would complain to her, she’d reply:  “I don’t want to hear one more yip out of you.”  We’ve used that line with Bulldog this week and it works.  For those who are interested, here’s a 2 minute 39 second cut of Maria’s eulogy.  It concludes with a beautiful poem about the cycle that is life.  Have fun blazing your own trail today in your own way.      




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