Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 25, 2009

Our Phone Lines are Open Now!

We need a little background music for this one.  So start the music playing and then read on:

E-mail, texting, facebook, twitter, cell phones.  While we love all of them, one of our very favorite ways to communicate is on the old fashioned telephone while in a prone position eating peanut M&M’s.  But with all the tweeting, facebooking, and texting that goes on today our poor, old, misunderstood, and neglected landline has been looking a lot like this:

Go to fullsize image

It’s been getting no action whatsoever except from a few enthusiastic and friendly telemarketers.  This is B-A-D!!  We want our landline to look like this:

Go to fullsize image

You know, ringing off the hook as they say.  Or like this . . .

Go to fullsize image

. . . jumping for joy as it were!  We love to hear the delicious sound of the ring as we relax on the sofa with the latest People magazine.  And because we love surprises in Joyceland, we don’t peek at our caller ID.  No!  Never!  We prefer the super secret surprise we get when we pick up the phone and shout, ‘Hola Mamsita!’  Who might be on the other end?  Which Joyceland girlfriend is it?  What do they have to report?  Will there be any new scoops?  Has a new drama unfolded?  Where do they want to meet and when?

So, we’re starting a new campaign:  If you call I’ll be right with you, you and I should be together.  Call me.  Don’t be afraid you can call me.  Maybe it’s late, but just call me.  Thanks, Petula Clark–you’re a Joyceland favorite. 

And we’ve started logging our phone time in order to put forth the intention that our abundance would increase in this area.  This past Thursday we logged 47 minutes with Stella.  It was fabulous.  Plus we had to call back three times after hanging up to share tidbits that were forgotten.  On Friday we logged 31 minutes with Harriet, our college BFF.  We like to speak to one another using a top secret Joyceland voice reminiscent of Gilda Radner’s Rosanne Rosanna Danna.  On Saturday we logged 52 minutes with Martha and we were going to see her that night.  And on Sunday the clock showed 44 minutes with Mar-jay.

So, how ’bout giving one of your galpals a jingle the old fashioned way?  It’ll do your heart good.  Or call us.  That’d be even better.


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