Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 27, 2009

BLT Bonanza Extravaganza

It’s that time of year when the home grown garden tomatoes are calling our name.  There are several things that make us happy about this.  First of all, if we can supply Spike and Bulldog with enough tomatoes, they will eat BLT’s for dinner for an entire month.  Yup, thirty days in a row!  Jackpot!  How great is that?  So, here is our shopping list for the next thirty days:  bread, mayo, bacon, lettuce, milk.  As a result, we’re sittin’ pretty and attending lots of parties due to the ‘no muss/no fuss’ time required in the kitchen.

In order to get everyone in the mood for the thirty day BLT Bonanza, we try to wear our bacon scarf ( as often as possible.  It fancies up the meal just a bit and looks great with a touch of red tinted lip gloss.  When you order the scarf, it arrives packaged like a pound of bacon which makes it fun to open.  And you can choose to wear it ‘fatty’ or ‘lean’ side up, depending on how you feel that day:   


As far as jewels go, we like to wear the BLT ring (  It definitely makes a statement without being over the top and helps us to remember which main ingredients to buy at the store.  Because of the BLT ring we are able to grocery shop without a list, although sometimes we do forget the milk:


We find that when you dress and accessorize to complement the meal, you’re much happier in the kitchen, things seems to go more smoothly, and you feel really pretty, too. 

Semi-Entertaining with Joyce

As promised, Joyce did entertain this past weekend.  Her meal was met with rave reviews–some guests even suggested she start her own ‘Anti-Julia Child’ cooking show.  Her recipe involved pork chops set upon sliced apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar.  Stove Top Stuffing and butter were placed ever so gently and artistically over the chops.  Before serving, guests played a fun game and identified the familiar shapes they saw in the stuffing, much like when you’re lying on the ground staring up at the clouds on a summer day shouting, “I see a dog . . . no it’s a pickle . . . wait, I think it’s Conan O’Brien’s nose!”  Anyway, it was a fabulous party and the main course was a huge hit!

Letters & Calls

Thanks to Petula Clark and her beautiful lyrics (8/25 post) our landline has been ringing off the hook.  Additionally, because Joyceland Josie was so motivating to our dedicated community (8/23 post), our mailbox has been filled to the brim, as well.  To ease cul-de-sac congestion, Penny our mail lady, has been tossing bagfuls of letters onto our driveway.  This little card was one of our very favorites:


Joyce Menu Contest

If you’re not serving 30 days of BLT, shame on you.  What, then, will you serve?  Let us know using your most clever alias.  To qualify in Joyceland, menus must follow the acronym FEET:  fast, easy, entertaining, tasty.  Think FEET before you semi-cook.  And send us your ideas today.





  1. Dick and P-diddy love the BLT. P-diddy really only eats a BLM = bacon, lettuce and mayo. Tomato adds too much veggie to a 16 yr olds diet. I am so buying the scarf and ring and setting our dinner menu for the month. Great tip!

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