Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 28, 2009

Do you need an intervention?

Tears of Joyce

Yes, it’s the end of an era.  They were the brothers who stole our hearts and fascinated us for decades–we loved their glitz, glamour, and naughtiness.  ‘As you set out for Ithaka/hope your road is a long one/full of adventure/full of discovery.’  (Opening line from Ithaka by C.P. Cavafy as recited at Jackie Kennedy’s funeral.)  Awww–they were somethin’ weren’t they?   

We also want to wish godspeed to another favorite, Dominick Dunne, 83, who passed away this week.  We loved him because he told us stories of shocking crimes among the rich and famous through his novels and articles in Vanity Fair magazine.  Rich + famous + crime story can turn an ordinary day into something very Joyce, suspenseful, and extra exciting.  Dominick made a documentary about his life called ‘After the Party’ and we love that title.  It is for these reasons that we induct him into our Joyceland Hall of Fame.  (And now that Vanity Fair has an opening, is it too soon and in poor taste to suggest a Joyceland column?)


Our Joyceland team was called in to perform an intervention early this morning.  The presenting problem was that Lainie had decided she could meet her gal pals for lunch, but under one condition:  she couldn’t lollygag for several hours.  Our team arrived on the scene quickly and dispensed with the proper medication: 

  • we presented her with a rose bush so that she can practice taking time to smell the roses (see the ‘Lainie Lollygag’ rose below–a real award winner)
  • we stripped her of her watch–watches are not allowed in Joyceland under any circumstances
  • we re-taught her the basics of the little white lie–it works at home and at work
  • we blindfolded her and swept her away to an undisclosed location until she recovers from the busyness pandemic that is sweeping the country

On a Brighter Note

Joyceland friend Andie relayed this happy story to us.  It seems one of her BFF’s called her yesterday and they were going to log some landline time (8/23 post).  Suddenly her friend said, “Why should we talk on the phone?  Why don’t I pop over and we can sit around and visit?”  Bravo, we say.  Yes!  Amen, sisters of Joyce!!

Keep your stories coming–they serve to inspire and help us to forget our troubles.  Click response above–we love to hear from you.  Sending you all a butt jiggle!



  1. Lori, Heard a Joyceland tidbit at a fancy dinner party hosted by a Joyceland citizen emeritus: if at least two people have been served, the group may begin eating!

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