Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | August 31, 2009

Her favorite holiday of the year

Does it get any better than this?  Even if you’re an empty nester, granny, or favorite auntie–you, too, can swear by the beauty of this scene:

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Oh, it does our heart good to see Big Yellow out on the roads after a long summer’s nap.  Today is the first day of second grade for our sweet little Bulldog!  This puts a song in our heart and a skip in our step.  Should we not be so blunt?  Shall we pretend to be boo-hooing?  Did we forget to put on our Secret Antiperspirant or is our honesty causing us to perspire?  Some don’t want to speak the truth–they hide their naughty thoughts and have bad nightmares as a result.  But Joyce wears her heart on her sleeve and she has always felt that summer vacation was just a tad overrated.  Not the summer part, but the children on vacation part.  For years Joyce searched the world over for a school that ran 365 days of the year, but she could never fulfill her dream of finding such a place. 

Joyceland friend Nellie proclaims that the first day of school is her favorite holiday of the year!  Sister Susie  tells us that she’s grown tired of playing camp counselor all summer long–she is ready and willing to load the little naughties on the bus.  J.L. says it superbly with, “Last day of summer vacation!  Now vacation begins!”  Honey, you are speaking our language–the language of Joyce.

Here’s how some of our other Joyceland galpals feel about the momentous transition to a brand new school year:

  • M.M.:  “It already started here last Wednesday!!!  First full day of homework today.  Let the chaos, stress, and anxiety begin. I’m talking about mine of course!!”  (MM–we find that if you visit Gigi Spa from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. you’ll be in better condition to meet the afternoon school bus when it pulls up to your front porch!) 
  • Nellie:  “Hello?  Whoever is not counting the days to get their kids out of the house is not all there–am I out of line?”  (Nellie–you are not out of line–in fact, we worship your words.)
  • Stillpoint Sherrie:  “Today, the inmates took over the asylum.”  (Stillpoint–we hope the warden regained power quickly.  If not, come over for a LemonDrop martini ASAP.)
  • C.O.:  “I read in Woman’s Day that you are either a Summer Mommy (loves the “shapeless days”) or a Back-to-School Mommy (in which camp I certainly count myself). The down side to Back-to-School is that I’m a teacher, too–it means “Back to Work!”  (CO–we are grateful for your sophisticated analysis of our eternal dilemna.  We’ve spent thousands in therapy and just a few words from you and Woman’s Day has fixed us.  Thank you!)
  • S. S.:  “I love the summer and totally dread next week when school starts!”  (SS–we will be partying, while you are weeping.  But never fear, summer vacation is only nine months away.)

To all girlfriends in Joyceland:

We hearby proclaim the first day of the school year as a national holiday.  On this day, every woman who has adopted the middle name Joyce is instructed to go buy herself some fabulous little thing.  This gift is considered a ‘To me, From Me, With Love and Affection, Just Because.”   


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