Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 1, 2009

Vocab 101

It’s a brand new school year and in the spirit of Joyce University, we offer this little vocabulary lesson courtesy of the Urban Dictionary (and Joyce).  Don’t let other people have all the fun—sprinkle a little language of Joyce into your upcoming conversations and then listen to them talk behind your back:  ‘Isn’t Jossie Joyce completely witty and fabulous?  I love being around her!”

  • Mascary:  when a person wears a scary amount of mascara.  Joyce believes a certain amount of lip color makes a statement, but she tries to avoid mascariness.

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  • Good hang:  a Joyceland friend who is fun to hang out with.
  • Holidrawl:  depression caused by the lack of a holiday to celebrate or party to attend.  When you don’t get enough time with Joyceland friends, you experience holidrawl. 
  • Feeling Sunday:  when you’re feeling relaxed and slow for no particular reason, resembling a Sunday driver.  Joyce tries to feel a little Sunday every day.
  • Bachelor wash:  a quick soap-free rinse of a plate, cup, or utensil which had recently been used so that it’s ready to use again.  In Joyceland, sometimes a bachelor wash is the only sensible alternative.
  • Joke poach:  when a joke is said quietly to a friend and that friend repeats it loud enough for the entire room to laugh.  Joyce admits she is a joke poacher at times.
  • Running latte:  showing up late for anything because you stopped for coffee along the way.  Joyce believes it’s wasteful to be early for anything; it’s best to arrive exactly on time or to run a little latte.  It adds to your mystique.
  • Mow the laundry:  doing several loads of laundry after allowing clothes to pile up on your bedroom floor for weeks.  Joyce believes that mowing the laundry is a man’s job. 
  • Keep it bowlin’:  according to The Office, “Everyone likes bowling, so this is a phrase for when you want to tell someone to stay positive. For example, if someone tells you they lost their job, you can just tell them to keep it bowlin’ and that’ll cheer them up.”  In Joyceland we like to keep everything bowlin’.
  • Parking karma:  the uncanny ability to find an open parking space in a desirable location of a busy parking lot.  Parking karma requires good Joyce ju-ju.
  • Sharewear:  an item of clothing or an accessory lent to a friend to help her out on a night out when she can’t find anything to wear.  Joyce recommends hosting a ‘Sharewear Soiree.’
  • Life password:  the password that you use for every website, email account, facebook, twitter, everything.  While not very safe, Joyce likes the way the life password simplifies all things.
  • WWJD:  in any situation, just ask yourself, “What would Joyce do?”
  • Buffer guest:  a buffer guest is a Joyce gal pal you invite to a party ten or 15 minutes before the rest of the guests.  The buffer guest makes the party look very fun and very Joyce as people start to arrive.  This makes you, the host, look all the more fabulous.
  • Too posh to push:  prospective mothers who opt to have an elective caesarean section rather than give birth vaginally.  Joyce likes to put a simple and easy twist on even the most difficult jobs.  She is very accepting of those who are too posh to push.
  • Spicey edit:  when telling a story to friends and you begin to realize it isn’t as funny as you thought, so you decide to edit it with exaggerations to make it sound more interesting.  Joyce likes the way a spicey edit can jazz up a conversation.
There you have it–new words for a new school year.  What Joyce-isms can you think of?


  1. You are too clever! How do you come up with this stuff?

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