Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 4, 2009

What’s in a name and the power of white

Rich or Dick?

Since we’re continuing to celebrate Richard Gere’s birthday week,  Joanbaby Joyce nominated this as her favorite line from Pretty Woman:

  • Kit:  Tell me one person it’s worked out for. 
  • Vivian:  What . . . you want me to name someone?  You want like a name?  Oh God, the pressure of a name . . . I got it . . . Cinda-blankin’-rella!   (Joyce definitely encourages the use of the occasional swear word, but we’re letting you fill in the ‘blankin’ yourself because we run a PG-13 blog.  A lot of blogs become popular because they use the f-word frequently.  We are not going to stoop to these measures in order to increase Joyceland traffic.  We will rely on word of mouth marketing vs. using WTF.  You have our quality guarantee on that.)

And here’s our Question of the Day:  if Richard Gere were your guy, what would you call him?  Richard?  Rich?  Richie?  Dick?  Dickie?  He is Richard Gere after all, but ‘Richard’ on a daily basis is just a little too formal for Joyce.  Our phone lines await your comments. 

And speaking of Dicks, we once worked for a Dr. Dick Demey.  Nice guy!  During the holidays Dick would always mix together a special batch of seasoned nuts and bring them to the staff party.  They were delicious.  And one year the nut mixture was especially tasty, so before leaving the party we went up to Dick and said, “Oh Dick, we love your nuts.”  That conversation ended pretty quickly, but we did receive a promotion soon after.    

Ask Joyce

We received this inquiry and want to share our thoughts:

Dear Joyce:  Is it a “fashion don’t” to wear white after Labor Day?  I don’t think it is, but white shoes . . . when do we have to stop wearing those?  Do you know?  Fondly, NJ

Dear NJ:  White is one of our favorite subjects.  Joyce is a definite believer in the power and allure of white all year long.  White shoes after Labor Day receive a ‘not so much’, however, you should own and wear as many white t-shirts as possible.  Joyce believes there is nothing quite like the white t.  White symbolizes cleanliness and wearing white sends a powerful message about personal hygiene. 

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Some cultures view white as the color of royalty.  If you wear white often enough you can leave your crown at home.  In Feng Shui, white is considered to be a supreme color and white accents in your home will soothe your psyche.  It is also a good idea to take ‘white’ actions so that you ensure a bright future for yourself:

  • Date or marry a ‘white knight’
  • Attend a local ‘white sale’
  • Brush regularly so that your teeth are ‘pearly white’
  • Dream about a ‘white Christmas’
  • Host a ‘white elephant’ party

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Let’s close now and begin the Labor Day weekend with an inspirational white thought about one Lady Desborough who was known as a beautiful heiress, aristocratic hostess, unfaithful wife, and tragic mother: 

“She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake.”


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