Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 8, 2009

Person of Intrigue–Olivia–Part 1

Our ‘Person of Intrigue’ series focuses on women who live the Joyce lifestyle.  It allows us to learn from one another so that we can improve our own Joyce-ishness.  Last month’s POI interview was with our founding mother, Joyce (8/6 post).  This week we had a chance to catch up with Olivia, another VIP in our community. 

It’s fun to play ‘Celebrity Lookalike’ with our VIPs.  For a good time, try this with your friends!  After a labor intensive voting procedure similar to the Academy Award nomination process, we were able to identify which celeb wins the honor of being Olivia’s lookalike.   Congratulations go to . . . drum roll please . . . Ms. Ann Margaret!  Ms. Margaret gets to enjoy lunch with Liv at the hip and trendy cafe of her choice.  She should contact us for details.

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Now, let’s get right to our interview:
Olivia, share with us a quote that you live by.  Oh, that’s an easy one . . . “Truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime.”  Like Joyce, I enjoy ‘working my way’ into the day–you could put that down as a quote, too.  Why get up early and rush around?  Who needs it?  If you work outside the home, you just wear your outfit for the next day as pajamas the night before–that way you’re dressed and ready to go when you wake up the next morning (8/18 post).  I came up with this idea a few years ago and it’s changed my life.  I absolutely live by this whenever I have to be somewhere by 9 a.m. 
Tell us about your most recent New Year’s Eve.  We bet you were at a fabulous party.  Well, party and New Year’s Eve go together like Regis and Kelly—of course I was at a party and I sparkled.  Oh, did I sparkle.  I had to stand near an electric socket for a few minutes every hour and re-charge the battery in my dress, but I guaran-damn-tee you that I sparkled that night.  Joyce and I feel that if you don’t sparkle on NY Eve you lose a bit of your fabulousness during that particular calendar year. 
What do you say to friends who tell you they can’t meet for lunch because they’re too busy?  Here’s what I say to them–it’s a little shocking to hear it at first, but it makes an important point.  I say, “Oh yeah, well I can’t get together either because I gotta stay home and screw the dog.”  Usually when I use that line, friends are available the next time I call.  Too busy to go to lunch–who do they think they are anyway? 
Olivia, what’s one thing you never leave home without?  Well, I always keep a piece of triple soft kleenex in my pocket.  I like to laugh and I like to laugh A LOT.  Laughing makes me tinkle in my panties just a little and I get a few tears that sneak out of the corner of my eye–so the kleenex is an absolute necessity for me.  I guess I’m just one of those lovable people who leaks a little when she laughs.
 What’s your favorite fashion accessory?   Well, like Joyce, I enjoy  jewelry and I love to wear my faux five carat diamond stud earrings.  I find that when I wear them to Wal-Mart people treat me with just a little more respect.  And at Starbucks sometimes I get something free.
Olivia, thank you for your time and thoughts.  We will meditate on your answers and will assimilate your practices into our own Joyce lifestyle.  We look forward to Part 2 of the interview tomorrow!

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