Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 9, 2009

Liv–Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of our interview with Olivia, this month’s Joyceland Person of Intrigue:
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Like Joyce, you were a Homecoming Queen.  How has that helped you in your life?  Being a queen in high school opened my eyes to a lot of things.  When other girls were mean to me I always felt particularly close to Princess Diana and Grace Kelly.  And I agree with Joyce, even if you weren’t Homecoming Queen, tell people you were.  Let’s face it, life is a little easier for queens.  
Olivia, where do you store your favorite protein snack, the Slim Jim?  Well, that’s where the queen thing comes in again–I store them in a white (9/4 post) porcelain container that has a picture of a crown on the front.  It makes the Slim Jim a royal treat.
How often do you eat Red Velvet Cake?  I begin most days with a Red Velvet Cupcake (8/4 post).  When you start the day with a cupcake orgasm and a pot of coffee–you are good to go.
Liv, we hear that you always require your kids to have a healthy snack after school.  Oh, absolutely.  When they get home after a long day, they’ve got to choose something that will build a strong body like Johnsonville sausage, cheese chunks, Ritz crackers, and Ho-Ho’s.  After they eat something healthy like that, then they can enjoy a little junk food.
What is your exercise regimen?  Well, I only exercise on Mondays and then I rest for six days.  And I don’t waste my money on fancy health clubs; I prefer to workout in my basement.  First I begin by doing several lunges and then I roll around on one of those big jelly type balls.  I do that for about an hour.  The rolling massages my internal organs.  Then I do the aerobic part which involves running around my basement and ‘tagging’ all the different walls.  I’m filming an exercise DVD right now and will be selling it to Joyceland friends.    
If you could be married to someone famous who would you choose?  Well, I am partial to Jims–as in Slim and my current husband, but if I could pick anyone I’d have to go with Jimmy Buffet.  The idea of livin’ on a tropical island, eating cheeseburgers in paradise, and wasting away in Margaritaville is so very me and so very Joyce.
Liv, how long do you think the Joyce lifestyle will be for you?  Well, I love the Joyce lifestyle and I swear to you by the secret handshake of Joyce that I’ll always embrace her values of friends and fun first, goals and hard work a distant second, semi-cleaning and semi-cooking when I can fit them in.  I hope when I’m old and have dementia that I’ll live in Joyceland wearing a rhinestone covered Depends.    
Olivia, thank you for sharing your secrets for living a happy life.  We look forward to buying your exercise DVD when it becomes available. 

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