Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 11, 2009

Talk back to Joyce

 Since you love to talk to Joyce and Joyce loves to hear from you, we’re all ga-ga over some of things you’ve had to say this week:

  1. If dating Richard Gere, you spoke loudly and clearly that you wouldn’t be calling him Dickie Gere.  And Sheila reminded us about her friend named Dick Hole.  We swear by the name of Joyce this is true (comments 9/6).  Now Dick in and of itself is a lovely name, but what were Mr. and Mrs. Hole thinking?   
  2. Several ladies contacted their local authorities regarding suspicious neighborly behavior after last Saturday night’s ‘Nancy Drew Kook Scavenger Hunt.’  We hope to make this a monthly event so if you missed out, you can get in on the fun next time.   
  3. Did Joyceland ladies think Lizzi Miller should be considered a plus size model?  Only one friend voted yes and we voted her off of Joyce Island.  Do Joyceland ladies think Lizzi is skin and bones?  That one received 10,456 votes yes.  And Lois offered us this little nugget: 
    “Beauty implies a good-sized body, and little people may be neat and well-proportioned, but cannot be beautiful.”     -Aristotle
  4. We’re loving the idea of the postcard this week.  It’s just a little something from to send your Joyceland friends–it really takes no time at all and is like 1/4 cup sugar in the mailbox:

                                  Oh! My God! I Miss You

Here is some ‘Wisdom for the Weekend’ from Liv:

  • If you leave the house looking GOOD, make sure you’re going to see someone of importance or all that hard work is a complete waste of time and effort and you could’ve stayed semi-dirty.
  • Shirts get dirty.  Underwear gets dirty.  Pants?  Pants
    never get dirty and never need to be laundered.
  • Bad decisions make good stories.  Make some bad decisions so that you can tell some good stories.
  • Don’t sit around with your friends and talk about how smart and adorable your kids or pets are.  Hearing about all their bad habits and mistakes is much more ‘friend friendly’ and enjoyable.
And today we leave you with this naughty little laugh from JL friend J.B.     Here’s why Joyce is a fan of flats, crocs, and orthopedic shoes:


  1. All men should have to wear high heels in public at least once in their life, preferably while the camera is rolling. It was funny, but not as funny as he thought it was!!!

    • He really got a kick out of it, didn’t he!! It’s high heels for him for the next month!

  2. I shouldn’t have watched the model failing on the runway video. Yesterday, I bought my first pair of platform shoes!! Very cute, stylish, black patent leather sling backs. High heels with little platform (not much of a platform, just like the stars wear). With the little platform, the high heel doesn’t matter, your foot is on a semi-flat angle, not the steep, hammer toe creater angle of true high heels. Now, I’ll have to be really careful when wearing . . . .

    BTW, the video reminded me of one of my favorite “Sex and the City lines”: “OMG, she’s runway road kill.”

  3. Send us a pic of those platforms! xo

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