Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 13, 2009

BFFs and Spirit Sunday

Joyce was spending some time with Hoda and Kathie Lee the other day and the topic of friendship came up.  Kathie Lee said that the number one thing she looks for in a friend is trust; Hoda said that her number one is that a friend ‘be there’ for her.  Lucy and Ethel.  Mary and Rhoda.  Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samatha.   Where would we be without our BFFs?  This got Joyce thinking about the blessing of friends on Spirit Sunday. 

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Joyce grew up as an ‘only,’ but a super social ‘only.’  Friends have always been hugely important to her.  Joyce believes it’s important to have friends ten years older and ten years younger.  She also favors having several different groups of friends. 

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According to Tom Rath’s Vital Friends it turns out that when we were teenagers we spent about 33% of our time with friends.  Happy days!!!  The sad news is that for the remainder of our lives the average time spent with friends is less than 10%.  Joyceland exists to change all that.  Yay for friends!  We love friends!  Can we ever have too many friends?  Friends make the most awful situation bearable; they can literally ‘make’ your day on any given day. 

Vital Friends talks about eight different roles that friends play to make our lives richer.  Some friends play only one of the roles; while others may play three or more.  Here they are:

  1. Builder–she is a great motivator pushing you to achieve  (In Joyceland one of these is plenty or life will be way too serious.) 
  2. Champion–she’ll sing your praises; she’ll build you up and tell others how great you are  (You want as many of these as you can find, honey.)
  3. Collaborator–she shares similar interests and hobbies (You love these friends because they do all your favorite things with you.)  
  4. Companion–she’s always there for you; this is one of the first people you call with good or bad news  (She’ll be your heart and soul BFF forever and a day.) 
  5. Connector–this is a friend who you socialize with regularly who helps you meet other people (She may charge you a finder’s fee and you probably should pay it!)     
  6. Energizer–this is a fun friend who always lifts you up and gives you a boost; you feel better for having been with this person (These friends are priceless and so very Joyce!)
  7. Mind opener–she broadens your life perspective by introducing new thoughts and ideas (Martinis and wine help, too.)
  8. Navigator–she’ll give you advice and help talk you through pros and cons as you make decisions (And she’ll listen to your good stories that result from bad decisions.)

Joyceland celebrates friends . . . and fun . . . and fun with friends.  And on Spirit Sunday we thank you for giving us the gift of your friendship. 


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