Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 14, 2009

V.F. and Jackie

We went to the mailbox today and found a little sugar.  It was wrapped in an imaginary bright yellow bow.  The magazine’s title, Vanity Fair, was printed in matching yellow and on the cover:  Jackie!  A cover story about Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  How mod!  Vanity Fair is about vanity and it’s fair!  What a way to spend the day!  The story focused on how Jackie tried to censor a book about the assassination of J.F.K.  Do we hear the whisperings of mystery, unanswered questions, scandal?  Let’s pull out our inner Nancy Drew and start reading.  Inner Nancy + Jackie = a day made in Joyceland heaven!

We needed to do several things in order to prepare ourselves for the reading of the article.  We consulted our guide:

Book Cover

First we stopped by Sheila’s place and borrowed one of her favorite hats.  Since we knew the article was discussing the assassination, we wanted to wear an appropriate hat:

Go to fullsize image

Of course, we put on our pearls.  And made a batch of daiquiris. 

Vanity Fair articles are like books and it typically takes a full day to enjoy an issue from cover to cover.  Since you may be pressed for time, we’ve highlighted our favorite scoops from the article: 

  • William Manchester, the author who wrote the J.F.K. book had this to say about Jackie, “My first impression–and it never changed–was that I was in the presence of a very great, tragic actress.”  He thought Jackie had a ‘camellia beauty’ and that she looked much younger than 34.  For your consideration, please note the camellia’s beauty below:



  • Jackie couldn’t bear to talk about the assassination in daylight. So she only met with Manchester in the evening while drinking great containers of daiquiris and smoking ciggies.  (Who knew she loved the daiquiri?)
  • Jackie had a great visual eye and great recall.  (Well of course she did–she’s Jackie!)
  • For the first time in their marriage, Jack asked Jackie what she was going to wear in Dallas.  He wanted her to look marvelous and teach those Texans a few things about good taste.
  • In the motorcade, Jack asked Jackie to remove her oversize sunglasses because people wanted to see her face.  This was the last request he ever made of her.  (We had to pull out a tissue on this one.)
  • Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife had a huge crush on J.F.K.
  • Three years after J.F.K.’s death, Women’s Wear Daily said Jackie had become “one of the REALGIRLS–honest, natural, open, decontrived, de-kooked, delicious, subtle, feminine, young, modern, in love with life, knows how to have fun.”  (Sounds like Joyce!)

What a month it’s been:  Eunice and Teddy gone all too quickly and Jackie on the cover of V.F.    Facinating stuff.  Riveting.  A bit scandalous.  Mesmerizing.  Too Joyce-enjoyable for words!


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