Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 18, 2009

New York Fashion Week and Snuggie

This week Joyceland had front row seats for one of New York Fashion Week’s hottest runway shows.  Here’s a list of what some of the top designers and fashionistas said they ‘couldn’t live without’ as they tried to survive this very hectic and busy week in NY City:

  • a blackberry–duh, of course!!
  • gummy bears–so cute, colorful, and delicious
  • mints–gotta have fresh breath to schmooze with Vera Wang!
  • muscle milk–packs more protein than what you get from Mama
  • face powder–never let ’em see you sweat
  • water–hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • flat shoes–very Joyce . . . there will be no runway road kill this week

And guess which Joyce fashion ‘must have’ made its debut in its very own glitzy runway show this past Tuesday morning?  Close your eyes and guess right now . . . no peekee!

You’ve got that right, Joyceland friends, the Snuggie–as seen on TV!  The blanket with sleeves!  So relaxing to wear–so cozy.  Such a great Joyce party theme—come on over in your Snuggie!  Let’s drink red wine in our Snuggies!  The enthusiastic runway model above is wearing one of the new Urban Jungle Line animal prints.  The model below is seen strutting in the hot pink version of the wearable blanket, along with her little pooch sporting the royal blue pet version . . .  

A sleeved blanket for dogs is modeled in the Snuggie fall 2009/winter 2010

Kids, pets, parents, great-granny, weird Uncle Willy, everybody in the neighborhood and at work can wear the Snuggie and become fashion trend setters.  The pooch version comes in two colors and four sizes–it includes a dog tag you can record a message on.  Joycesters wanting to live on the wild side can wear the Jungle line, tie-dyed, or camouflage versions.  We’re ecstatic that Fashion Week has finally embraced something so Joyceland!  Even Vera Wang came up to Joyce and purred, “Joyce, you look so comfy chic!!”  So, of course, we’re wondering what color Snuggie will you be buying and where will you be wearing it?

Daily Joy-ce Inspiration

“You have to sniff out Joy-ce. Keep your nose to the Joy-ce trail.”   –Buffy Sainte-Marie



  1. This is hilarious. I can’t believe there is a Zebra Snuggie! Come to think of it, I totally can.

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