Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 22, 2009

Are You Ready for JoyceMen?

Recently we’ve been hearing from many men who want to live the Joyce lifestyle.  When men first heard about Escape to Joyceland they thought they were escaping to this:
We told them that, no, this is Joyceland and not Victoria’s Secret.  And we also asked them if the secrets Victoria sells look like they’re comfortable at all?  They sheepishly agreed with us that they wouldn’t want to wear a thong that gets wedged between their fanny cheeks either and would we please consider their applications as JoyceMen.  Well, we’re considering it. 
We reviewed with them the basic tenets of Joyceland:
  • regular and big fun with friends
  • comfort, relaxation, and loungewear
  • owning a margarita machine
  • leisure and laughter
  • decorating a bathroom like a tropical rainforest
  • parties, parties, parties
  • semi-cooking and semi-cleaning on a semi-irregular basis (toilets never included)

Men must agree to all of the above in order to gain membership as a JoyceMan.  They also have to agree to experience manstration which is the male equivalent of menstruation.  We expose JoyceMen to this so that they have a greater appreciation of the feminine mystique.

Here are some of the things that our applicants have put on their JoyceMan applications:

  1. Perry likes to ride his motorcycle, but he works long hours.  To bring a little Joyce to his life, he can be seen riding his motorcycle to work while wearing the obligatory navy blue suit that is required by the stuffed shirts at his job.
  2. Micky loves to golf and he heads to a course once a week at 6 a.m. so that he can get 18 holes in before his first 9 a.m. appointment.  Those 18 holes are pure Joyce.
  3. Eddy likes to have a good time.  He says that if his wife was missing for a day or two he wouldn’t worry about her because he’d have Joyceconfidence that she’d be out, as Eddy puts it, “Having one helluva good time.”
  4. Wylo wants to write a bestseller about his JoyceMan lifestyle and says he’ll call it Zesting for Life.
  5. Steve wears a kilt whenever possible.  He loves the Joycefreedom of a manskirt . . .

View Image

Are there other JoyceMen out there?  Please let us know how you live the Joyce lifestyle!  And ladies–should we let them in?



  1. Three cheers for JoyceMen!! 😉

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