Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 24, 2009

Wizard of Oz Celebrates 70; Joyceland Celebrates 60

So The Wizard of Oz celebrates 70 years and Joyceland celebrates 60 posts!  We love to celebrate anniversaries!  Funny how Dorothy left Kansas to enjoy a Joyceland type adventure in the company of four unique, interesting, faithful, and fun friends . . . 

View Image

We should all be so lucky!  Who would you rather have dinner with:  scarecrow, tin man, lion, or Toto?  And the ruby slippers, who in their right mind doesn’t want to own a pair . . . and what about Munchkinland . . . where lots of brightly dressed people sing you sunny songs?  Name us one Joycelander who wouldn’t be cheered up by having a few Munchkins over for coffee on a rainy day?  Go on, name us just one.


We have written sixty blog posts to date and we thank you so much for your support.  We must admit there are days when we wonder if we should just go hide in Joyceland and never come out again.  Do we have something to say?  And who wants to read it?  Some days we lack confidence . . . do you ever feel that way about anything?  Joyce is tall and would rather be a little smaller.  As a child, Joyce always had to be the groom when playing wedding with the neighbor girls.  This wasn’t fun because she wanted to be a bride, too.  Some of us dream to be taller, some of us dream to be smaller.  Some want straight hair but have curls.  Today Nora said, “I’m just glad to have hair at all.”  And we pretty much decided that sums it up, doesn’t it?  BE GLAD YOU HAVE HAIR.  Okay, now that that’s settled, let’s get back on topic . . .     

Here are our blog stats for you mathy types:  we’ve been averaging about 50 visits every day.  Our best day so far had 118 visits, we’ve had 2,289 total visits, and 54 comments.  So . . . here is where we present our sales pitch . . . if you think some of your friends would enjoy a little Joyce in their lives we’d appreciate if you’d share our link with them . . . word of mouth works for us . . . the more the merrier is how we’ve felt about everything our whole lives.

We love the Pom Pom

The television hit drama Mad Men is all the rage these days and it celebrates the clothing of the sixties so well.  We have many fond memories of Joyce in the sixties!  Today Lucy wore these:

View Image

and it reminded us of Joyce and her entire tennis team sporting the pom pom sock back in the day.  The pom pom keeps your socks from sinking.  And because we hate sinking socks Joyceland is announcing that the pom pom is back!   Loud applause.

Happy 60th Blog Post Anniversary, Joyceland friends!  And welcome back pom pom sock!



  1. Happy SITS saturday sharefest! 🙂

    Since I am from Kansas I have a special place in my heart for Dorothy. (I live super close to a wizard of oz museum too….Yay oz LOL)
    Happy annivesary! that is so fun to celebrate!

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