Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 25, 2009

You like a little bit of naughty?

Let’s celebrate a little bit of good, clean naughtiness.  Hurray for naughty!  People generally like it when the fun kind of trouble gets stirred up.  To be sure, there are degrees:  naughty, naughtier, and naughtiest.  Naughty means you’ve misbehaved a little and it’s o-k-a-y.  Naughtier means that someone wishes you’d only been naughty.  And naughtiest is THE MOST and is seen as very bad.     

We reJoyce when you tell us about or send in your good naughty stories.  Joyce especially loves it when small children, teenagers, senior citizens, or pets are a little naughty.  In fact she encourages it in order to stay healthy.  Naughtiness fights bacteria, viruses, and depression. 

Naughtiness usually involves bending a rule or two, a bit of risk, and an adventureous spirit.   Joyce gets secret pleasure from hearing about anything naughty.  If you call to tell her the latest little naughtiness regarding your five year old neighbor Tommy, your cat, your grandma, or yourself, she doesn’t offer you empathy or advice, she howls with laughter.

Good naughtiness feeds the heart and soul.  Joyce does not approve of bad naughtiness.  However, she believes that a little good naughtiness, on occasion, takes you right out of the doldrums.  Remember toilet papering people’s houses in high school?  Good, clean naughty fun.  It gave you a little adrenaline rush, too.  How ’bout we t.p. someone’s house on Saturday night?  Are you in?  Could be that little bit of naughty fun that your soul is craving.  

This was us back in the day . . . .

toilet paper at wnuks

. . . didn’t we look happy?  Wasn’t our hair like Farrah?  We had the world by the tail and our friends by our side.  And seventy eight rolls later . . .

tp night 

 . . . it looked like a winter wonderland.  Good for the heart, great for the soul.  Not fun for the victim to clean up–but it made them feel loved and popular.  A win-win.

Send your good clean naughty stories to and we’ll start celebrating a little bit of naughty.


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