Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 28, 2009

Pet Naughty

We recently heard a few stories that involve a little naughtiness, or as they say in Spanish, desobediencia. 

Naughty #1:  It seems that pooch Fred peed all over his master, Perry’s, Blackberry which was plugged for re-charging into the bathroom floor socket.  Naughty Fred or naughty owner?  Hmmmmm.  Upon closer examination we wonder aloud if Perry really, really, really wanted a new phone and therefore laid the trap to encourage Fred’s naughty behavior.  We consider this to be acceptable naughty because it results in a win-win:  Perry gets the latest version of whatever phone he wants; Fred gets to make an illegal tinkle just for the thrill of it.

Naughty #2:  Sally’s pooch, Calamity, was having some health issues and needed to go on medication.  Sally was having ‘such a day’ as they say . . . it was a real Excedrin headache brewing.  She had Calamity’s medication in one hand and Excedrin in the other and in one fell swooooooop she downed Calamity’s meds by mistake.  Don’t worry–Sally was okay–she only peed on her neighbor’s tree four times, sniffed two crotches, and barked at the postperson once.  Our main concern was that on the pooch meds she’d absolutely never felt better.  And it borders on naughty when you take your dog’s meds instead of your own, accident or not.

Joyce used to own a little wiener dog–a wonder wiener–called Jake:

View Image

Jake could not have been cuter or naughtier.  Every single time Joyce left home, Jake would pee on something–furniture, clothes laying on the floor, houseplants–just to get back at Joyce for leaving.  It happened every time.  It seems Jake was an insatiably social animal and never wanted to be left alone.  He ended up being adopted by people who literally never left their house, and therefore, never left Jake.  The new owners even built Jake a shelf right next to their dining room table so that Jake could lay upon the shelf during dinner time.  A naughty little win-win for the wonder wiener.

If you are especially naughty and like wiener dogs, there’s all sorts of spirit wear that you can own.  Check out this t-shirt collection (

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  1. I need Shiela and Oliva to befriend me=)

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