Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | September 30, 2009

We love naughty week!

Oh Joyceland friends, the naughtiness continues and today it covers some interesting territory.  We consider it an A+ day when we hear the sweet sound of a few naughty stories.  So, let us cut to our naughty chase:

Our dear friend Linda needed an electrician and so she called Dick’s Electric.  Upon completion of the job, Dick handed her his business card which read:  Dick Sass, Owner.  Under her breath and in secret she repeated his name three times quickly.  That was kinda naughty, but she’s been having a bit of a time lately and saying the ass part made her feel better.

Our friend Steph has a bossy pooch named Mr. Salty and Salty can be rather assertive at times.  In the past when all the girlfriends stopped by Linda’s place, Steph left Mr. Salty in the car and he began to lay on the horn.  Like a husband.  He seems to want ‘in’ on all social activities and can’t stand to be excluded.  Steph recently signed up to take a knitting class at the local college.  She pulled into the parking lot for the one hour class and it was a bea–uuuuuuuu–tiful afternoon.  Steph rolled down all the windows, made a little nest with snacks and water, and left Salty in the car.  It wasn’t 15 minutes later and the college patrol came looking classroom to classroom for the owner of an incessantly howling hound.  That Mr. Salty—he’s naughty.  This is probably what he’ll be requesting next:

Go to fullsize image 

Steph’s brush with naughtiness continued that same afternoon after the post office called to tell her she can’t put flyers in people’s mailboxes without stamps on them.  Yes, the post office called her on the phone.  Don’t you feel like a naughty little girl when the post office calls you at home to reprimand you for bending a rule?  Who hasn’t put flyers in mailboxes without stamps?  The post office personnel would clearly flunk our Naughty Quiz (9.29 post).  We are devoted to the post office because they deliver handwritten letters, but we say ‘shame on them’ for not allowing a few stampless flyers to fly under their radar. 

Today’s closing thought:  Sheila is definitely naughty because she’ll only own a dog who looks like her.  She acts like she gave birth to the pooch, too . . .

Go to fullsize image

. . . you should see how they look when they wear matching pearls.  Sheila is really pretty and all, but the dog/owner lookalike thing is naughty in a weird way and may require some counseling.   


“I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”
Mae West



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  2. I agree….there should be a manogram! And believe the wild turkey story… We had 18 of them strutting around our back yard!

    Just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.

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