Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | October 5, 2009

Smart Joycies, the BCT, Paul Burrell and Princess Di

We had many, many Joyceland ladies score at least a 9 out of 10 on last week’s Naughty Quiz.  As a result, everyone’s confidence shot up!  You are such smart, sassy, and super FUN ladies.  Several of those who scored high, Joanbaby and Kimmer, recently earned extra credit by dancing wildly on tables in their go-go boots and crooning a ‘spot on’ rendition of Me and Bobby McGee. 

In order to write our bestseller based on 365 days of the BLT, we are open to your recipes for variations on the BLT theme.  NellieJoyce has shared her creation of the uniquely delicious BCT on a sesame bagel.  This bacon, cucumber, and tomato sammie on the lightly seeded bagel offers both a fresh and crunchy taste treat–in the round.  Truth be told, it is this type of creativity that Joyce admires in others. 

We recently bought a new sign for our kitchen which reads:  Because Joyce does it that way.  We feel that any future culinary or housekeeping shortcuts will be decided upon quickly and easily by referring to the sign whenever we question ourselves, our integrity, or our motives. 

We have a secret to share and here it is:  we will be meeting Princess Diana’s butler this week.  We swear to you this is the absolute truth.  How did we achieve this snarky opportunity?  We’re Joyce and we practice the power of positive thinking.  For years we pictured ourselves meeting either the Queen, Wills, or royal butler Paul Burrell and now it is really going to happen.  Did we mention that in addition to the Kennedy family and Vanity Fair, we have a devotion to the late Princess?  Well, we do.  We know there are those who believe the Kennedy’s, Vanity Fair, and the Princess aren’t deserving of anyone’s affection, but let’s be honest, we all have certain fascinations with people who others think are idiots.  As Joyce has always said,  “To hell with them if they don’t like Diana.  Yes, she had definite problems, but she was outstanding in her charity, sense of style, and mothering.  And Camilla is a scoundrel who has the appearance of a mistreated rottweiler.”     

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We ask you—is there a resemblance or are we just being bad naughty?  A Mary Kay makeover could help her, but those teeth—-dear Lord, what about those British teeth?



  1. OMG, does any nation on earth have as many people w/ bad teeth as the UK???? I think not.

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