Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | October 21, 2009

The Gray Beav

Emergency Joyce Updates in response to 10.19 post:

  • NellieJoyce enjoys the idea of a little sparkle ‘down there’ but is reluctant to use green crepe paper as toilet paper again.
  • SheilaJoyce also likes to sparkle down under but is not in favor of changing tampons after chopping jalapeno peppers.

All this discussion about things down there, brings us to the topic of The Gray Beaver.  We weren’t sure we were ready to discuss this at such an early point in our Joyceland relationship, but then we took a long, deep look inside and asked ourselves, “What would Joyce want to talk about?”  

Here’s the background for all of you history buffs:  a group of ladies had gotten together for a work project in Atlanta and after working many long hours had begun to laugh themselves silly.  You know the feeling, right?  You love the feeling, right?  You want the feeling at least once a day, right?  Well, anyway, one of the women was lamenting that she would soon be turning 50 and another woman said, “Welcome to the Gray Beaver Club!”  This comment prompted hysterical laughter and lots of non-ladylike conversation (which is the best kind).

Several weeks passed and these friends were looking for a way to celebrate the upcoming 50th birthday.  They looked high and low to find a gray beaver and had no luck.  This is where a focus on friendship, the beaver and entrepreneurial thinking came in and they found a toy manufacturer to create the perfect gray beav!

Apparently this gift has become so popular with women turning 40, 50, or 60 that recipients have begun to:

  • name their beaver
  • dress their beaver
  • give their beaver a cocktail and set it poolside!


Ain’t she cute?  (Our beaver should look so pretty!)  They also sell a ‘Pin the Beaver on the Beaver’ party game (sounds fun) and a ‘Gray Beaver Fixer-Upper’ (which is a mirror and brush for when your beav gets unruly).  We think they should start to sell the ‘Beav Clipper’ so you can trim ‘er way back if you don’t like a big beav-do, but don’t want to go to Brazil.  The whole idea is to have fun celebrating aging and to take life a little less seriously.  Pure Joyce.  And even if your beav visits Brazil, it’s still gonna have gray roots, right?

Check out if you want to have a little beaver fun with your friends.  Who’s hosting the next party?  WE’RE IN!



  1. Too funny, Lori! Let’s get together to walk soon!

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