Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | October 26, 2009

start walkin’

We regret to report that we’ve very slowly had to put away our summer uniform.  We’re so sad that the khaki shorts/white t-shirt combo is needing to rest until next year when the weather warms up again.  It’s such an easy look—so crisp, so clean.  Do you ever notice that when you put jeans on after the summer has ended, they don’t fit very well?  Do you think that flesh stretches out over summer because it’s allowed to be loose, free, and happy?  Then the weather gets cold and suddenly we’re having to get our thighs to settle down and into our pants?  Maybe we’re the only ones who have this problem. 

In the idyllic town where we live, we’ve enjoyed so much crap weather lately that our only alternative is to begin Joycercizing.  Cruddy weather just makes you want to stay inside and eat bratwurst appetizers.  How do you keep yourself looking snarky when that’s the case?  The beav may be looking swell, but what good is it if the rest of you does not?  Joycercizing.  It’s the answer to any and all of your problems.  It makes you happy.  It helps you feel hip.  And hot.  And, best of all, it’s easy to do.

For this week’s Joycercizing session, you’ll need a few simple things:  your favorite boots, Bumpits, a chair, some dangly earrings, and false eyelashes.  The accessories will help you to feel pretty and that’s half the beauty battle.  The routine is simple–swaying arm movements, snapping fingers, some head/neck cocking, a little kicking, and lots of walking.  

Go to fullsize image

It’s good to sing the lyrics, too, because they help you to feel powerful.  And singing burns calories.  Cute accessories + powerful lyrics + a little movement/singing = you’re the envy of the town. 

Here’s what you do:  get yourself dolled up with the accessories and then watch the video a few times so you get the words and moves down.  Then have at it.  If you play the song fifteen times, you’ll have a half hour workout under your belt.  And you’ll feel like walking all over somebody when you’re done.  Are you ready girls?  Start Joycercizing:

Psssst:  we think there was some cockpit hanky panky going on to cause that plane to forget to land in the Twin Cities . . . but what do you think?   ; )



  1. That was sort of a lame music video, dontcha think? Looked like she pulled a Millie Vanilli, or maybe they pulled a Nancy Sinatra?

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