Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | October 28, 2009

ghouls and goblins

With Halloween just around the corner we’re getting ready for the crazies to come out.  This got us thinking about scary situations . . . not ‘typical scary,’ but ‘what are they thinking’ scary . . .

Sitch #1:  We see cat.  Do you see cat?  It’s a subtle morphing process, but it all ends the same way.  Cat.

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How does this happen?  And at what point do you look in the mirror and decide, “I gotta get me more cat in my face?” 

Sitch #2:  Greg Norman and Chris Evert:

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One of Joyce’s friends spotted them together in Florida at a golf tournament a few years ago–when they were married to other people.  At the tourney, Joyce’s pal saw Greg Norman give Chris Evert a few friendly little pats and pinches on the ass.  A little grab here and a little grab there.  Not too much time passed before People magazine reported that the two were leaving their respective mates and getting hitched.  Fast forward.  They’ve now been married 15 months and the marriage is already over.  It was reported that the lust faded and reality set in.  The lust faded.  Reality set in.  Scary.  Plus they couldn’t make decisions on key issues like where to live.  Hmmmm . . . the lust faded . . . and hmmmm . . . can’t decide if we should live in your multi-gazillion dollar home or mine.  (And although Joyce adores People magazine, she believes many celebrities and politicians score a 10 out of 10 on the kook-o-meter.)  

Sitch #3:  What about Sandy and Chaz McKee who live in Texas and spent over $300,000 to make their home into an exact replica of the Munster mansion from the hit TV series back in the day.  Every Halloween they dress like Lily and Herman Munster and open their home to thousands.   

Let’s just be honest, all of this stuff is weird as hell.  We’re not big costume people, but others get into it big time—planning for months.  Got any weird Halloween stories you can share?  Who are you going to be this Halloween?


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