Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | November 2, 2009

cockcam: you heard it here first

Yes, we’re still thinking about NW Flight 188.  We are, occasionally, afraid to fly, especially during the first 20 minutes.  If you make it out of the first twenty minutes, generally speaking, you’re good to go.  If there is going to be a problem, it usually surfaces during the first twenty minutes.  So, we typically relax a lot once we make it through twenty.  But Flight 188 causes concern . . . forgetting to land the plane?  Now we’ve gotta worry about the last twenty minutes, too.  That makes us wanna say real slow, “Shhhhiiiiit.”  We don’t need more stress in the air.

DaveJoyce suggests that starting now every plane be equipped with a cockpit camera.  Sheer brilliance!  What REALLY goes on in the cockpit?  Now that the door is closed due to 9/11, how many manjobs are being given in there that people don’t know about?  The cockcam could solve all our collective worrying and wondering.  We’re contacting the FAA to get the ball rolling on this one.  The cockcam . . . the only camera that knows all and sees all in the cockpit.

In Joyceland, we remain committed to our enjoyment of attending parties, but not hosting them ourselves.  We love parties.  As a matter of fact, the more parties we attend, the healthier we feel.  We were three for three this weekend so we’re feeling really healthy.

On Friday night we had Dinner Club and, hallelujah, we did not host.  All we had to do on Friday was get ourselves ready.  And that’s a stressful enough job:  body buffing, eyelash trimming, teeth whitening, mani, beaver updo, Bumpits, and finding a sleeveless top so that hot flashes aren’t a killjoy.  PamJoyce and VinceJoyce hosted and served a seven course small plates Italian dinner.  You read that right–seven courses.  Small plates.  Italian.  MargaretJoyce kept shouting, “This is a feast for the senses.”  All we had to do was sit around the kitchen island, WATCH THEM COOK, pant like a dogs, and lap it all up.  This is how life should be lived . . . no work . . . all play.  And seven courses.

At the last minute on Saturday night we invited the neighbors over after trick or treat.  Bulldog was feeling better so we pushed ourselves to host.  Hot damn if it’s not a lot of work to entertain.  And all we made was a few snacks and a big pot of Mexican Chicken Soup.  The recipe came from The Barefoot Contessa and we like her stuff, but, you know, her chicken has to be cooked ‘bone in’ and then shredded later.  The Contessa says that it’s moister and more flavorful if you do it that way rather than with a boneless breast.  And we want it to taste good, so we do it HER LABOR INTENSIVE WAY.  And then, of course, all the little costumed naughties run around the party and tear the place up while counting how many treats they each collected.  Then they get all sugared up.  And then they cry when they get hit in the eye with a dart during Nerf Wars.   

We don’t want to work, we just want to bang on the drum all day.  And that’s all we’re going to do today–we’re going to bang on the drum:

Go to fullsize image

Thanks for the idea, Todd Rundgren.  How were your Halloweenie parties?  Did you need a cockcam?


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