Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | November 3, 2009

thumbs up for seinfeld, target and sam’s

Today we are posing some seriously thought-provoking questions for your consideration.  Please put on your Joyce thinking cap and reflect on how you feel about each scenario:

Scene 1 . . . . . Is it a bad thing to time your Sam’s Club shopping trip over the lunch hour so you can enjoy any and all samples?  Is it just a ‘li’l bit’ naughty to enjoy a sample and pretend to want to buy the item so they give you a second sample?   P.S.  We only pretend to want to buy the item when we’re really hungry or the first sample was yum.  We took an acting class so we could learn how to seem really interested in buying what they’re selling.  And we wear a disguise occasionally so that we don’t get recognized as a serial sample taster.

Scene 2 . . . . . Is there something wrong with you if you look forward to spending an evening in the brand new remodeled Target? 

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How about if you dress up in your cutest Mossimo outfit while        wandering around the freshly revamped store?  Tell us, is this a bad thing?  We think not, especially since we’ve been banned from ‘the return’ at that other store.   

Scene 3 . . . . . Is it madness to spend the entire week waiting for Friday night’s party?  MickyJoyce has been planning a Seinfeld outing . . .

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. . . and he announced today that anyone attending the Seinfeld Shindig must put aside all thoughts of work, kids, spouses, and life in general to completely focus on mental preparation for Friday night.

And the answers are:  A true Joyce is happy to sample her way through any store and will work a hectic schedule around known sample times.  Samples allow you to engage in risk taking behavior without losing your health, spouse, job, or home. 

A ‘Joyce to the core’ will also enjoy a night on the town at the nearest brand spankin’ new Tar-zhay.  The New York Times said that people in the middle- and upper-income brackets view discount shopping as socioeconomic field trips.  And Joycers embrace any and all retail field trips.  Field trips with friends are necessary for good health. 

And finally, Joycees live for the party on the weekend and will work diligently to focus only on party preparation for the entire week.  In order to be fun on a Friday night one must spend a little time Monday through Friday in quiet meditation calling forth their ‘inner most fun self.’  That’s all it takes and the rewards will be great.     

Samples, Tar-zhay, and meditating on Friday night’s activities–all are key to the escape to JL.


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