Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | November 5, 2009

Baba Wawa gets personal with Sheila–2

Let us continue with Part Deux of Barbara Walter’s interview with Sheila, November’s JL Person of Intrigue.

Baba Wawa:  Sheila, since Joyce is an advocate of ease and convenience in the kitchen–please clawify, is the Walking Taco a more difficult wecipe than the beloved and easy Texas Stwaw Hat?  Oh gosh no, same recipe, different twist.  I actually enjoy cooking when it involves a little twist.  When my family dines in, I like to ‘fancy it up’ and call ’em Texas Straw Hats.  For added dinnertime fun, we speak with a Southern drawl and wear cowboy hats and boots.  When we’re on the run, we call them Walking Tacos . . .

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. . . and we serve the meal in a Frito bag.  Both ways are BIG on fun, calories, and Fritos.  (And sometimes Mama enjoys a gin and tonic chaser, too.  One of my dirty little secrets is, “More gin, more fun.”)

Baba Wawa:  We heaw that you keep a hospital bed at home.  Sheila, fow the love of God, why?  Baba Wawa, you know that Joyce inspires a life of fun, leisure, parties, and relaxation.  Sometimes you just need a hospital bed.  I like to curl up with a good book or magazine and with the hospital bed I can raise the back and the part under my knees which makes it so much more comfortable.  I highly recommend this for anyone’s home . . .

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Baba Wawa:  Sheila, do you have any tips fow easily getting wid of cluttew?  This is one of my favorite tips so I can spend more time at parties and less time in a messy home:  I just set all my junk in my front yard with a sign that says ‘FREE.’  This saves me needless trips to the Goodwill drop-off and keeps me from having to host a yard sale which can be sooooo much work for soooooo little profit . . .


Baba Wawa:  Sheila, what dessewt do you wecommend eating evewy day?  I’m very committed to cherry pie.  Cherry anything makes me tingle.  All over.  And especially down under.  Some are keen on the Red Velvet, but I go with the cherry pie orgasm.  Here’s another tidbit:  did you know that one piece of cherry cheesecake contains enough energy to power a 60-watt lightbulb for about an hour an a half?  That’s how you save on your electric bill in these tough economic times–cherries! 

Baba Wawa:  We heawd you have a hat collection.  Can you tell us mowe about it?  Well, okay, if you pull my leg, Baba Wawa.  I believe hats add a little necessary Joyce to life . . .

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Folding the laundry isn’t such drudgery while wearing a hat.  Cooking dinner with a hat turns me into Chez Sheila.  And cleaning toilets becomes, “How fabulous IS that darling woman holding a scrub brush?”  Hats make the task less dull and more Joyce.

Baba Wawa:  Sheila, this has been one of my mowe intewesting ‘celeb’ intewviews.  You might make my ‘Top Ten Intewesting People of 2009’ television special.  I hope we can do this again in the futuwe.  Baba Wawa, my schedule is tight, but I’ll squeeze you in any time.

JL note:  Thank you to Barbara Walters for conducting a great interview and to Sheila for this most intimate peek into your Joyceland ways.  We feel invigorated by so many new ideas.


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