Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | November 9, 2009

Joyce on Whoopie

(Let’s begin by saying that we’re grateful for your comments.  They give us ideas for all things Joyce and we appreciate any topic suggestions you care to make.  We love your stories and will happily re-tell them and offer you our witness protection plan–an alias.  You are Joyce and Joyceland is better for your stories and comments.) 

There was BIG FUN to be had watching Jerry Seinfeld do his ‘schtick’ live and in person over the weekend.  He doesn’t rip on anyone’s religion or politics.  And he doesn’t drop the f-bomb, but you walk out with sore cheeks from laughing non stop.  This is a beautiful thing.  We absolutely love sore cheeks from laughing . . .

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Seinfeld made us laugh so hard that we really couldn’t even remember anything he said.  (This made us feel worried about ourselves.)  We also love it when the comedian laughs just a little bit at his own jokes.  And we were tickled to learn of  friend TomJoyce’s life philosophy which is modeled after Radio Shack:  don’t just buy stuff, do stuff.  Do. Do. Do.  And have fun while you’re out doing stuff.   

We have a celeb update from K-Joyce who was recently an audience member on . . .

The View Title Card.jpg

(BTW–this is the closest we’ll get to the publication of JoycePeople magazine–so enjoy.)  K-Joyce’s view of The View was that Whoopie wasn’t friendly at all, but Elizabeth and Sherri were very friendly.  Now, we like Whoopie, so we were disappointed to learn that she’s a little bit with the nose in the air.  Martha Stewart, one of the guests that day, was a bore and needs Joyce very muchly.  And K-Joyce said they are all quite small in person.  Even the ones who look big on the telly are small in person.  Tiny.  The lesson:  if you want to look smaller, don’t go on a diet, just get yourself on the telly.  A little insider celeb scoop like this always gets our week off to a good start. 

And by the way, we think PennyJoyce, our mail lady, stole our copy of this month’s Vanity Fair.  Here’s what we think happened:  she saw our VF while on her delivery route and thought, “This one’s goin’ in my bag.” 

Breaking news:  Joyce has joined a choir with her friend, Joyce.  Two Joyces in one choir.  God help the director.  Joyce 1 shared with us that she and Joyce 2 are finding the demands of the choir to be stressful.  She said they have to sing in four-part harmony and do some parts a capella.  Joyce 1 has long dreamed of making her debut in an adult choir.  Back in the day she had high hopes of joining The Good News Singers at church.  They were an absolutely irresistible musical group because they were filled with all the good news.  And people respond well to good news.  They were peppy, had a trumpet player and drummer, and got your toes tapping.  But, alas, the demands of boiling cod for dinner (we called it Poor Man’s Lobster) and doing Father Cooper’s laundry postponed the start of Joyce’s career in the music industry.  Stay tuned for updates on more choir fun from the Joyces.

Oh, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, bring us a little fun and excitement this week.  Pretty please.



  1. Because of having her priorities straight, Joyce has time to grace the choir with her dulcet tones. One of her tricks to have more time for Holiday tunes is to NEVER but NEVER stuff the Thanksgiving turkey. Just plop it in the pan.

  2. Jurkey, I love that word dulcet….you are a true Joyce brain-i-ack. Who knew that our Joyceland spiritual leader is also a talented singer!! Wonderful! Could I request a song??? It starts out….My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don’t love Jesus. It has a bit of a country beat. I’ll sing it for you even though my mom told me long ago while I was belting it out in church, “honey, just mouth the words; God knows you love him.”

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