Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | November 10, 2009

joyce says no to journey

This week we’re filled with all sorts of bits and pieces:

Yesterday we celebrated sissy-in-law’s birthday at a big breakfast with her friends.  It was a Joycely start to all things birthday.  There was a little baby sitting in a high chair at the table next to us who was being fed delicious pancake chunks dipped in syrup.  That baby wanted next to nothing to do with the pancakes or her parents, she just keep staring at us yucking it up over breakfast.  The baby had the sweet glimmer of Joyce in her eyes.  She could see that her future wasn’t in those pancakes, but in girlfriend power . . .

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. . . and even at eight months old, it was girlfriend power that she craved.  We love the little Joyces and we welcome them to our girlfriend world of fun.

After the breakfast celebration, we did our monthly duty of serving hot lunch to the little sassies.  The sample o’ the day was brussels sprouts.  The name alone will send shivers up most people’s spines. 

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We could only talk three kids out of 250 into sampling the little green balls.  We begged and pleaded, but the naughties wanted NOTHING to do with them.  We told ’em brussels sprouts would make them prettier.  We told ’em brussels sprouts make the school day go faster.  But the naughties defied our best sales pitch.  They made crazy, awful, contorted faces at the mere suggestion of the sprouts from brussels.  Damn naughties! 

Sheila has been skyping with her son who is away at college.  He keeps insisting that she wear one of her hats from the collection when they’re skyping.  He misses the hats and gets a lump in his throat when he “sees” Mama wearing one while skyping . . .

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You can see how it would make the enitre conversation more fun, can’t you? 

We recently visited our favorite little hidden jewelry store called Dan’s L&L.  We call Dan ‘pawnee man.’  He sells lots of lovely new things and he’ll also buy gold and sterling silver that you don’t wear anymore.  We love to buy and sell jewels.  It’s another part-time job of ours.  Joyce fell in love with Pawnee Man years ago and has been faithful to him ever since.  She loves to drive out to see Pawnee and browse.  The other day we were visiting the ‘pre-owned’ section (where you can find some cool deals) and we noticed that there were lots of journey necklaces that had been traded in . . .

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. . . apparently many of the ladies who’ve been given ‘the journey’ don’t want ‘the journey.’  Screw the journey, it seems they’re saying.  There’s no joy in ‘the journey.’  We were sort of shocked that ‘the journey’ was just a flash in the jewelry fad pan.  And we were pleased with ourselves that we’d never succumbed to its charms . . .



  1. used to hate sprouts as a kid but love them now, if they’re fresh and prepared correctly. glad you enjoyed the curious child instead of getting upset like too many people do

  2. Hard to believe that any Joyce worth her salt would say no to any “bling ” ,
    . We Joyces enjoy regular visits to ” Pawnee Man”, inspired by the original pilgrimage of our leader.

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