Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | November 16, 2009

a joycestra and lipstick personality test

According to Wikipedia, a mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of “creating transformation.”  Joyceland is 100% committed to changing women’s lives one frivolous step at a timeYou have our guarantee on that.  Olivia’s new mantra or Joycestra is this: more is almost always better!  Here’s what she writes:  “Just think about it; one more cookie~almost always better, one more drink~almost always better, one more lap with the Walking Club~ almost always better, one more cup of coffee w/ a friend~always better.  See, this mindset is ALMOST ALWAYS BETTER and true!!”  Liv, we crown you this week’s Lady Liberty for freeing us from the bondage of less and not enough . . .

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 And we commit to starting each day with a brief moment of silence . . .

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 . . as we whisper our Joycestra, “More is almost always better.”  Let’s see what good and plenty this brings to those of us who live the Joyce lifestyle!  Let’s hope for more, more, and more of everything fun and delicious.  Especially with the holidays around the corner.  

Let’s move on to the all important subject of lipstick and personality.  At sissy-in-law’s birthday breakfast last week, we were shocked to see the range of lipstick tips among the ladies.  Joyce is a huge fan of lip color because of how it can brighten up a girl’s entire face:

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Yes, Joyce loves lipstick and we love personality tests.  Put the two together and you’ve got a fabulous party idea where everyone reveals the tilt of their tip and thereby unlocks the deep, dark secrets of their personality.  Are you in???  We thought so.  For help with ‘reading lipstick’ we turn to Cynthia Christ, owner of Sensia Spa & Cosmetics.  Ms. Christ has linked eight lipstick shapes with eight personality types (#1 is the first on the left and #8 is the last on the right):   
#1/Slant, keeps close to original tip shape:  abides by the rules, great follower, doesn’t like too much attention, a little self-conscious, somewhat reserved, likes a schedule, may color hair in a way that attracts attention.

#2/Rounded tip to a point:  lovable, family oriented, a “doer,” can give orders easily, domestic, exaggerates sometimes, stubborn over little things, needs people around.

#3/Rounded, with a smooth tip:  easygoing, peacemaker, even-tempered, steady, likable, generous.

#4/Flat top:  to the point, high morals, needs approval, careful about appearances, very dependable, conservative, quick mind, loves challenges.

#5/Sharp-angled tip:  opinionated, high-spirited, dislikes schedules, selective of friends, outgoing, likes attention, argumentative.

#6/Flat top concave:  makes a great detective, makes friends easily, inquisitive, adventurous, a prober, complex, exciting.

#7/Sharp-angled, but curved tip:  creative, enthusiastic, talkative, loves attention, falls in love easily, helpful, needs schedule but dislikes one.

#8/Sharp angles both sides:  spiritual, curious, seeks attention, mysterious, big ego, faithful, looks for easy way, loves life.

Why read your horoscope when you can read your lipstick?  Remember that Ms. Christ says, “Lipsticks don’t lie.”  Are you #3 or #7?  Host a ‘Read My Lipstick’ party and find out . . . and don’t forget about your inspiration for this week: more, more, more is almost always better! 

P.S.  EmJoyce has quit her day job and is available for cozy demonstrations.  Call her at 1-800-cozy4me.


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