Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | November 30, 2009

a stanky thanky and mickey, too

It’s our last day of vacation.  Boo hoo.  Don’t you feel that way at the end of a vacation?  You know how we’ve confided that we could easily live in a hotel?  Maid service.  Room service.  Fun just around the corner.  No house to clean.  Few possessions.  Limited closet space.  It could be a very nice life. 

We started the week visiting Joyce for Thanksgiving.  As you may remember, she is wintering in Flo’da and is having to wear compression hosiery until Christmas.  Here’s the latest twist, however.  In order to get the hosiery on she has to wear orange latex gloves. 

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As Joyce explains it, without the gloves a finger can accidentally bust a hole through the hosiery.  So now the ‘orange gloved putting on compression hosiery ceremony’ makes Spanks look like a picnic.  Trust us.  Anyway,  on Thanksgiving we enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  Since we were just a small group dining together, we decided we’d make it a Stanky Thanky.  Why get all fancy when you’re just counting your blessings with a precious few?  Sure we got dressed and everything, but we didn’t need to get all dolled up.  We enjoyed the pool and sunshine early in the day, took a baby wipe shower, and then settled in for our Stanky Thanky.  The only surprise was that Miss Barbara stopped by with a German chocolate cake and a cranberry side dish.  Miss Barbara was looking all matchy and very pretty.  We think she was shocked by our hair which screamed mullet.  But despite Miss Barbara’s perfect appearance, palm tree necklace, and turquoise shoes, we remained committed to our Stanky Thanky.

While on vacation we visited a store called The Best of Everything.  If you’re ever in the Fort Myers area, you must enjoy The Best of Everything.  It’s the best.  Of everything.  Ladies crowd the place holding little trays where they set their treasures prior to purchase.  All the men sit outside waiting for their women.  At The Best of Everything they play Abba on steroids–the music is fast and loud–so you feel really hyper and a little out of control.  The hyped up music makes you buy the best of everything that you don’t need. 

Later in the week we said ‘bye-bye’ to Joyce and headed up to see Mickey.  When we got to our room there wasn’t any shampoo or soap.  Very un-Mickey.  So . . . we called the front desk and asked if we could get the necessary bath products–we were done with our Stanky Thanky and it was time for a real shower.  A housekeeping person finally came to our door with a bag holding 13 soaps, 7 bottles of shampoo, and 5 body lotions.  Was this excellent customer service or Micky being a little sassy–sort of a ‘Disney take this and shove it’ attitude?  We couldn’t decide.  The housekeeping person did, however, tell us to have a magical day.

The next day as we were heading into the Animal Kingdom we were randomly chosen to receive a Magical Moment.  We had to sign some paper work and were given badges that said ‘Honorary Citizen of Walt Disney World.’  Our magical moment happened at 4:30 p.m. at the Lion King Show where we got to sit in the front row.  Ah, such special treatment.  Such magic.  But that’s enough about us.  Let’s talk about you . . .  how was your holiday?



  1. Ahhh! The end of vacation, never fun. Sounds very nice. I really like the Best of Everything store idea, that would be uhh BEST, for me anyway.

    Safe journey home, I hope you kept the extra goods.


  2. I could not stop laughing out loud at your Stanky Thanky. Why didn’t I think of that?! I am trying it next year!!

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