Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | December 27, 2009

oh, to keep sparkling

Dear Ones:  we are starting to lose our holiday sparkle just a little bit.  Not a lot, just a little.  Even the super social types like Joyce can get over peopled by the people.  You know what we’re talking about?  If we have to think of one more witty little ditty to share with one more person in the next 24 hours our hot creamy sausage filled belly may explode.  And it won’t be pretty.  On the other hand, we may just have a bad case of the jingle bowels.  We’ll keep you posted.

As always, Santa came and went and Bulldog had every package ripped open within six and a half minutes.  Because Bulldog is an early riser, the excitement of Christmas morning is usually over by 6:18 a.m.  We try to avoid getting ourselves filmed by the video cam because we haven’t taken the scotch tape off of our wrinkled face THAT early in the morning.  The other day Bulldog walked up to us with tape stuck all over his face and said, “This is how you look when you wake up.”  More on our use of scotch tape in the New Year.

In order to prepare Christmas dinner, Joyce only ran to the store 27 times.  She said she kept forgetting certain ingredients.  Is that the real story or is she having a love affair with the butcher?  Time will tell.  A few months ago we ordered two dozen Italians from that butcher and he asked if we wanted them tall, dark, and handsome . . .

He’s that kind of butcher:  flirty, funny, facial hair, loves meat.  You know the type. 

When we meet new people we tell them our last name rhymes with tootsie.  It’s a helpful little tip that most people appreciate.  Tootsie . . .  Lutze.  Well, the other day we were at our final holiday lunchtime hoo-ha and a new BFF said, “Did you say your last name rhymed with tootsie or floozie?”  And we hadn’t even been drinking.  We told her, just to clarify, that it rhymes with tootsie, but that we are a floozie.  She didn’t speak to us again during that party.

Spike gave us a laptop for Christmas.  Happy days are here again!  This is what’s special about that gift:  we can now post to Joyceland without ever getting out of bed.  Pause for a moment and take in the beauty of that thought.  Jammies, cozy bed, blankies, pillows, laptop.  Promise us that you’ll read Joyceland in your jammies in bed if we post in our jammies in bed?  This is too good to be true—a win/win for all!

We have a Hello Kitty ornament which is in the shape of a little gift box that opens up.  Every year after the gift giving is finished we say, “Wonder if Kitty brought us anything this year?”  Then we open the ornament and sure enough, there is some little jewelry item we bought for ourselves as a ‘To Me/From Me/With LOVE.’  This year, however, we couldn’t find anything for Kitty to give us–so we filled her with an IOU.  We felt this was a smart alternative on our part–sort of like a blank check to be used in 2010.  Spike and Bulldog thought it was super brilliant and very creative on Kitty’s part.

View Image

How ’bout you?  Is your sparkle fading just a little, too?  Any jingle bowels?  Meow.  xo



  1. Haha. I love your style. I like that your last name rhymes with tootsie. I would still talk to you at a dinner party. 🙂 And I like the Hello Kitty gift box idea. That’s cute, and pretty funny.

    Visiting from SITS,


  2. I love your writing, and yes I am done with it all to. THANKS FOR SHARING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.


  3. Ohhhh, I have a laptop! I will read in Joyceland in my jammies. It’ll be a slumber party! Woot!

    Jingle bowels? Sadly, yes. Jingle horns as well. Toot! Toot!

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