Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | December 31, 2009

new year happy

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning…” – Joseph Priestley

WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE MAGIC, are you?  Our jingle really got in a jangle post-Christmas.  Joyce made all sorts of promises about spontaneous get togethers.  Spontaneity is her forte, you know.   But . . . most of her glamorous promises for fun never materialized.  This can happen with her sometimes and it’s very disappointing.  She blamed it all on the sausage dip.  Sausage dip and cold temperatures which make you want to stay home in your pajamas.  The other disappointment was that Wild Wylo, our brother who is always zesting for life, couldn’t visit after Christmas this year due to his son’s basketball schedule.  Boo hoo hoo on basketball. 

Spike had vacation all week and we didn’t do a damn exciting or adventurous thing because all Bulldog wanted to do was stay home and play with friends.  Dear sweet Joycers, it was a total depressing bust.  We hate to report such news in Joyceland because we are all about fun, friends, food, and more fun–however, even those of us most committed to the Joyce lifestyle fall into dark despair now and again, too.

Hey!!  Happy 2010 to you!  We wish you the magic!  What did we do this past week when we were feeling blue as an overcooked blueberry pie?  We headed out to see the Andy Warhol exhibit!  Nothing will cheer you up more than a little whimsical, crazy old Andy Warhol!  There’s nothing like a nice, big banana . . .

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Or Jackie . . .

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Or Marilyn . . .

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(Bulldog’s favorite Marilyn image is the one in the upper right.  But Bulldog also, when eating a piece of pizza, turns it upside down, puts it on top of his head and shouts, “Party hat.”  You really can’t trust his judgement very much.) 

And the way that crazy Andy Warhol wore his hair!  He liked to wear wigs, you know . . .

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And many of his quotes are very Joyce, too.  So much so, that we’ve decided to gain future inspiration from him and induct him into the Joyceland Hall of fame . . .

Three's a Party Art Print 

Three IS a party, Andy!!  After our visit with Andy Warhol’s last decade, Bulldog, Spike and I began discussing Joyceland for 2010.  They both decided they wanted new aliases for the new year.  Fair enough.  When you share secrets with the public about how often one changes his underpants, the very least you can do is let those whose secrets you’re sharing pick their own names. 

So . . . . for 2010, Spike wants to be known as ALEJANDRO.  Yes, we were concerned about Spike’s mental health, too, when we first heard the name, but we’re happy to oblige him . . . so . . . Alejandro, it is.

The fantasy works for us and at least he didn’t want to be called Fabio.  Bulldog, on the other hand, has decided he’d like to be known as Mister Schwister.  Or Schwister for short. 

So, what do you think?  Because ready or not–it’s 2010–and here we come, with our sordid cast of characters.  Including Joyce who will just remain Joyce.  It’d be difficult to call Joyce by any other name.



  1. Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday!

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