Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | January 4, 2010

blessed with good friends

As 2010 begins . . . this is what we really, really want:  peace on earth and incredibly cute shoes.  And an occasional bauble.  (Which doesn’t even have to be real since faux is THE RAGE.)  And so, we wonder, is this too much to ask?  No?  We like how you think.   

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How was your transition into all things twenty ten?  Just where does the time go?  The last important thing we can remember was when everyone worried about the world ending in the year 2000 and now that is . . . so . . . long . . . ago.  Is it our imagination or are the decades literally flying by?

Joyceman R.J. says that the decades fly by like the snap of a finger.  Go ahead and snap your finger right now and see if it doesn’t remind you of the last decade.  Snap.  Pause.  As fast as the last decade?  You’ve got to admit it’s a little discouraging.  But it really makes you want to enjoy more parties, doesn’t it?  And it makes you want to use a little more scotch tape on your wrinkles when resting.   

That kitten Liv rang in the New Year wearing antlers that jingled and fake eyelashes filled with pixie dust.  She created her own private, sparkly, jingly world right on her very own head.  It was like an innocent and mild, yet legal drug experience.  Ba-bye 2009!  Whoo-hoo with the sparkle and jingle and pretending to surf on your ottoman.  

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Sexy Sheila rang in the New Year wearing a crown and carrying a tiara.  Her birthday is on January 1.  Is that any surprise?  Talk about wanting to enjoy the party your whole life . . . well, just get yourself born on December 31, January 1, or July 4th.

Luscious Linda could only party for ‘so long’ on December 31 because her lover was home with the strep throat.  Manrecuperations are the WORST.  So, even though Linda was dressed all sassy and pretty in her short little silver number, she had to get home and assist with the manrecuperation.  The bright spot in all of it was that Steph and Ace stayed out well PAST MIDNIGHT.  Ace usually wants to get home early for a little nod-nod-wink-wink.  But this year he decided to live on the edge and start things off right.  And in Joyceland that’s what we like to see!  

What about you?  Do tell!  How’d you celebrate?  Joyce rang in the New Year with dinner and a movie.  The Oscar race is on and Joyce enjoys all the pomp and circumstance of the awards season:  the movies, celebrities, red carpets, and designer dresses—–even though she feels that most Hollywood types are cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  It’s the glitz and glamour of it all that enthralls her.  She likes everything about the Vatican, too, with all that gilded gold, stained glass, fanciness, and occasional scandal.  She thinks Hollywood and the Vatican make life more exciting.  

Joyce enjoyed the movie Nine very much.  In fact, she loved it.  Joyce wants to live in an Italian movie with Guido as her lover.  Try Nine and maybe you’ll feel the same way.  It may be just what you need to recover from a post-holiday slump.

Here’s our sweet little wish for you this year–it’s maybe a little on the serious side, but it’s filled with great affection:   

“May you be blessed with good friends!
May you learn to be a good friend to yourself.
May you be able to journey to that place in your soul where
there is great love, warmth, feeling, and forgiveness.
May this change you.”
– John O’Donohue



  1. Happy 2010, Joyce! Love you!

  2. Glad you liked “Nine”. I’d recommend “Up in the Air” if you haven’t seen it yet

  3. Joyce was feeling nostalgic at dinner on Jan2. A recent drive down 27th street reminded her of her glory days as an Alice in Dairyland Princess. Yes ! Joyce had a real tiara! And she wore it and her sash as she presided over the ribbon cutting ceremony at the spankin’ new Southgate Mall. Not a dry eye at the table as we drank our way down memory lane.

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