Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | February 1, 2010

it’s february: so what’s your passion?

Recently Father Blue Eyes posed this question to the congregation:  What’s your passion?  Passion!!  What is our passion?  Hmmmm.  This is some serious stuff.  You get a little bit sweaty when you start to think about it.  You hope you remembered to wear your deodorant when you get asked that question.  And, you know, the passion question reminded us that it’s not nearly the same as the ‘What do you do?’ question we all ask each other. 

Our identities are caught up in what we do, but passion, real passion, comes from something deeper and more meaningful.  We quit our ‘What do you do?’ job two years ago and since then there have been times when we’ve felt very lacking when people ask us what we do.  But passion . . . now there’s a question and answer that means something.

Right now we’re very passionate about fun.  And that might seem like a silly passion, but Joyceland is all about living a life of play and fun and friendship.  And NOT taking ourselves too seriously.  And maybe this has become our passion because we got so damn depressed about people thinking they are what they do and only feeling good about it if they do it at a frantic pace.  So, Joyceland is the ‘anti’ of all of that.

For years Joyce, Jukie, Nano, and Diane would talk super secretly about all those over achievers out there.  They would say, “Well, you know, she’s ONE OF THOSE.”  Yup, that’s what they called ’em—any overachiever–ONE OF THOSE.  And Joyce, Jukie, Nano, and Diane would discuss THOSE PEOPLE while dancing in their kitchens to Cecilia . . .    

If listening to that song didn’t cause you to smile, get up off your ass and start dancing, you’d better re-play it right now, get up off your ass and start dancing.  Dancing to Cecilia is what helped Joyce, Jukie, Nano, and Diane not to become one of THOSE.  (Historical trivia:  Nano used to iron clothes to Cecilia back when people actually ironed clothes.) 

There are a lot of things you can do to help you figure out your passion while Cecilia plays in the background.  Did you know that  the name Cecilia is a female given name of Latin origin meaning the way for the blind?  So, according to Joyce, if you meditate every day for a month with Cecilia playing in the background, your passion will come to you.  For sure.

It’s been said that Simon and Garfunkel’s Cecilia might be referring to St. Cecilia, patron saint of music in the Catholic tradition, and to the frustration of fleeting inspiration.  See, St. Cecilia, can help you get your mojo back–your passion–your enthusiasm.  She’s pictured here with her pals Valerian and Tiburtius . . .


Here’s another special thing about that passion finding Cecilia–she shows up when you need her.  A few years ago on the day of Diane’s funeral, Jukie, Nano, and the girlfriends all showed up in fancy, colorful hats.  It was a beautiful celebration of life.  And after the funeral as we were driving home, what started to play serendipitously the moment we turned on the radio?  We swear to you that it was Cecilia.  It was St. Cecilia and Diane and Simon and Garfunkel shouting to us from the radio—don’t lose your passion, your fun, your sense of play, and don’t ever become ONE OF THOSE.


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